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Caught Up


I remember this event like it happened just yesterday, although it has been thirty one years.

But here I was: in a little one-room-church, barely big enough to hold fifty people. I was nineteen years old as a new "born again Christian" who had been baptized just a week before. Myself, my Mom along with about nine other people were singing hymns at the beginning of the service like we usually would do. My hands lifted up to the ceiling and my eyes closed, I was thanking the Lord for salvation when all of the sudden: I realized I was up high in the sky above the earth somewhere between the heavens and the ground. I looked down and could see the lights below me but, everything before me was pitch dark!

The next thing I remember was a very bright light bursting out of the vast darkness before me and to this day I have never seen a light so bright as then. This light quickly make darkness disappear and lit up everything around me. Then, I noticed the image appear in the shape of a human with its arms open wide and legs slightly apart. I could not see any facial features just a dark shilouette in contrast to the light.

Nothing was said to me and I spoke nothing, I also remember not feeling any emotions. I was not afraid nor was I excited. However; in a certain sense, it seemed like I was being welcomed.

And then before I knew it, I was back in the service, in my body again as if nothing ever happened.

That event lasted all of about fifteen seconds--top. Could I have been "raptured" like popular belief? Was this only to happen to a few? I don't know but, I would love to know if there is anyone else out there who may of had the same or similar thing happen to them.

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