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  • Problem receiving your activation link?
  • Problem with your login? First make sure there is no extra white space if you copy paste your password from an email. Or have you forgotten your password?
  • Trying to submit your story?
  • If you are trying to post a comment in a story, please do so on the story page (you need to be registered). This is not the page to post your comments.
  • To log-in to your account, you need to enter your username and password in the top right corner of any page. If you have trouble logging in, even though you are inserting the right username and password, make sure that your browser accepts cookies from this site in your security settings. Also, if you are copy pasting your username & password from an email because you created a new password, make sure there is no extra space when you select them. If you're expecting an email from this site, please make sure to also look in your spam folder.
  • Want to change your email address, password or birthday? Edit your your account page
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Please don't send personal enquiries about some paranormal activities, some weird dream or advice on something. I already receive too many emails and I am not a spiritual expert. The very purpose of this site is to share these things with other users and experts on this site by publishing stories or comments. Please don't message us about urgent or dangerous matters either, this is not a web site for such interventions. Thank you for understanding.

If you have a request to the webmaster, please read the FAQ below, as I am getting many repetitive emails of the same nature. I will not respond to requests answered on this page, so please take the time to make sure it is not mentionned here first.

Use this form to contact the webmaster if you have any technical problems or requests regarding the use of this web site. If you have any kind of questions or corrections related to your account, your story, your comment, or anything else, please provide the link to the page in question. Be specific!

Please double check that it is correct!

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't have a system for dealing with individual advertisers right now as we are mainly using Google Adsense, but if you want a presence on our site, feel free to open an Adword account with Google and specifically target our web site, or even specific pages of our site. We don't do sponsored text links or any kind of advertising trying to manipulate Google PR.

Can you announce to your visitors that we have program / product that might interest them?

We do not make announcements to our visitors about events of commercial nature (new TV program, radio show, books, etc). We believe that such new commercial ventures should remunerate those that help with their marketing campaign. We recommend that you use Google Adword and target (or other sites of your choosing) for your publicity, which will help pay for our own expenses.

Can I copy an article / story on my web site?

The articles on this site are protected by copyrights laws. You can use an excerpt (small snippet an article, no more than 3-4 lines) and add a link to the original page to read the rest of the article according to fair use laws, but you cannot publish the entire content. Regarding user submitted stories, you have to ask permission from the original author. If they accept, I will also ask that you add a link to the story page on our web site that you copied as the original source of publication (as it is also edited by us). If their email address is not published, I will have to respect their privacy and I cannot share it.

If you want to automatically include the latest stories on your site or blog, you can use our RSS feed (we can't help you set it up however).

I'd like to use a story in my upcoming Book / TV Show / Radio show / Podcast / Youtube show

You have to ask permission from the original author. If they accept, I require that you also make a reference to our web site ( as the original source of publication. If their email address is not published, I will have to respect their privacy and I cannot share it. I can, however, pass along your request to an individual so they can contact you, but obviously not in a bulk manner to a high number of users.

If you are generally looking for stories of a certain type and want to contact potential authors, please read this.

When will my story be published?

I will send you an email when a decision has been made to either publish the story or reject it, which usually takes a few days, depending on real life schedule and the number of submitted stories before yours. Yes, I am aware that sometimes it's even longer than that, it happens during week-ends, vacations, or when there is a big increase of stories submitted. Please don't contact us about it, you will eventually receive an email telling you if it was published or not (as long as your email address was valid).

Why was it rejected?

I reject stories that are not in compliance with our submission guidelines. The main reasons for discarding a story are:

  1. Poor quality of writing, bad grammar, too many typos or generally too juvenile. In this case, you can always rewrite and correct it and submit again.
  2. Your experience may have been paranormal but I don't consider it a spiritual experience (weird dreams, ufos, big foots, etc)
  3. The story is way too outlandish and I judged it to be fictional, although I am usually very open since I cannot judge what is true or not, some stories are obvious fantasies.
  4. The story was a urban legend or something from a friend of a friend of a friend... This site is about PERSONAL spiritual experiences.
  5. We consider invalid emails as a possible sign the story was fabricated, and it may influence us in the decision of publishing a story or not.

How do I submit pictures?

We only accept pictures if they come with a story. Once you have succesfuly submitted your story, just send your pictures by attachment to the confirmation email that you will receive, and I will insert them myself. Please make sure they are of adequate size, not so small that it's difficult to see anything, or so big that it would take too much time to download.

Please do send them in a reasonnable amount of time after you submitted your story, or else the story may be published without the pictures, and they will only be added later when your story is not read by as many people.

Note: you need to own the copyright or have legal permission to use any of the media files you send us so we can have the legal rights to publish them.

Of course you can link to my site if you like it, or any other pages, I would be grateful for it.

If you have your own personal web site, feel free to just put the link in your profile page.

If you want a link to your site, I will have a look at it and decide for myself if it's worth sending my visitors to. I will usually favor serious non-profit organizations and well designed sites with worthwhile and original content. Sites of commercial nature will ordinarily not be considered, you should create an affiliate program with Google Adword or Commission Junction and inform me of that program if you think your products would be of interest.

In regard to links exchanges, it's not something I like to do just for the sake of boosting ranks with search engines, I prefer that your site sends a reasonable amount of traffic back to my site in return, so web sites with few links on their own or low traffic will be declined. I prefer text links over banners, as most banners are really tacky.

Why was my comment deleted?

I delete comments that are not in compliance with our comments guidelines. The main reasons for deleting a comment are:

  1. The comment contained vulgarity, too many weird characters, most letters were in uppercase (it's considered shouting), was unintelligible, unreadable, completely off topic or juvenile (no TXT talk please)
  2. The comment contained promotional material or links to external sites that weren't related to the story and comment page
  3. The comment was disrespectful to the author of the story or anyone else for that matter
  4. The comment contained a huge, copy pasted, article from another site
  5. A guest visitor is using a different author name for each posts
  6. You can share interpretations from your religion but please leave proselytizing at the door.

Can you cancel my account?

If you're not interested in participating on this site anymore, you can go to the Delete Account page, which will effectively erase your user account and profile page. Posts in the comments area cannot be deleted (read our comments guidelines and Terms of Use, you are responsible for what you post on web sites, please don't ask us to undo your actions), unless there is a good reason, such as inadvertently disclosing personal information, as deleting a member's posts would damage the integrity of our archive and reduce the value of this resource to members and visitors.

I cancelled my account in the past. Can I get it back?

When you delete your account, it's pretty much definitive. But here's a tip: if you create a new account with the same email address that you published stories in the past, there's a good chance these stories will get associated to your new account. It's not full proof however, and works only with stories, not comments or your old profile page.

Can you delete my story?

According to our our Story Submission Guidelines and Terms of Use, once stories are published, they cannot be deleted, as deleting a member's stories would damage the integrity of our archive and reduce the value of this resource to members and visitors (in other words, you are responsible for what you post on web sites, please don't ask us to undo your actions).

However, if there are special circumstances, such as inadvertently disclosing personal information, you can send me your request detailing exactly what information should be changed so it becomes anonymous, and where it is located in the story. It will have to come from the same email address associated with the story and we will also send you a confirmation message that you will have to answer before we can proceed.

Unfortunately this seems to be happening every now and then, due to lack of education or plain disregard for copyrights laws and intellectual property. Just know that what you write and create is always automatically protected by copyrights laws, and anyone copying it without your expressed authorization is guilty of copyright infringement. According to our Terms of Use, by submitting your story here, you grant us the right to publish it, but you are still the copyright owner and you can defend your rights if it's stolen by other web sites.

So what can you do? The first step is to communicate with the owner of the offending site with any available method they may use (email address, contact form, comments form, forum, etc). Tell them in a professional manner that you are the creator and owner of the content and that they should remove any and all infringing material (even some you may not have discovered yet) in a timely matter. You can wait a week or two for them to act, sometimes it's all that is needed.

If they haven't removed your content after a reasonable amount of time, then you will have to officially complain to their host. If it's a web site, it'll be a hosting provider, you will need to use a Whois tool on their domain name to discover who hosts them. You can use their abuse email addresses or visit their official web site to find their Complaint/Abuse/Copyright Infringement/DMCA pages. If it's a social media web site such as Facebook or Tumblr, just google the name of the social media site with terms such as "copyright complaint" and it should normally be found among the first results.

At this stage, you should be more formal as it becomes a legal matter, so be patient and make sure to provide all the detailed information they require, mainly the links to the offending pages and the links to the original source (don't mix up the two in the form fields).

If the offending web site has also copied material from other users of this site without their consent, you can contact us and we can intervene on the behalf of the whole group. We cannot do this on an individual basis obviously as it would be too time consuming, but if it's an egregious case, we will see what we can do.

I made a typo in my username and I want to change it

Usernames cannot be changed, so if your account is new, simply delete your account and start again.

Other types of weird requests

I am not interested in any conspiracy theories, perpetual machines, the latest cult or guru, the coming end of the world, flaky new theories, becoming your new online pal, participating in your new web site or joining the latest social network. If you think dark psychics, men in black, witches, big foot, the illuminati or the lizard people are making your life miserable, please seek psychiatric help. Before opening yourself to the paranormal world, I believe it is important to first master critical thinking and reason, and I have no patience with superstition.