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Articles About Spirituality

The following are informative articles and editorials on spiritual matters written by Anne V.

Various Articles on Spirituality

The Journey or the Destination?

Is it the journey or the destination that matters most in our quest of enlightenment?

Heaven and Hell

The concept of heaven and hell is probably as elusive as the idea of love.


In Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is living our true self. Our true identity of love, a free spirit, and creating for joy!

Prayer and Meditation

What really is prayer and meditation?


Choice and Purpose

Energy can chose to come here as a dog.

Spiritual Paradox

A Spiritual Paradox is where two seemingly contradictory truths can exist right next to each other and yet both be true.


The Devil

There is no denying that negative entities exist.

Feeling Inner Peace in a Non-Peaceful World

How and why should we feel inner peace when the world around us is seemingly falling apart?


The Ego

Ego is your sense of individuality. It is the powerful illusion that exists in us all and creates the appearance of separation from the whole.

Mental and Spiritual Healing

Even the people claiming mental well-being are often only superficially so.


The God Within

We all have this God within. As I have said before, every cell of who we are is a microcosm of God.

The Truth

On the surface, truths are made self-evident. However, what is truth? And by whose standards?



Like many planes of existence, the emotional plane (the astral) is a part of every one of us here in the physical.

The Illusion of Separation

On the surface, we all appear separated. Just look at us, and you know we are not one.


Unconditional Love

We have learned conditional love from those that held fear, ego, and guilt in their hearts.


It is not our job to convert anyone to our beliefs or to judge another human for theirs.


Universal Mind

It is theorized that all information, both past, present, and future, exists in what is referred to as the "Universal Mind".

Our Role in the Physical World

We all ask at some point during our physical existence, "Why are we here?".


The Sub-Self

What is a sub-self? We have many different levels because we exist on many different planes.

Greed versus Abundance

People confuse greed and abundance.



Desire, in its lower form, is a subtle form of greed, and constant yearning.


One can look at reincarnation in several ways.


Environmental Crisis

The price we're paying for our "gotta have more gotta do more" mentality is earth itself.

Near Death Experience

In my early 20’s, I left this dimension, went through what felt like a door, and ended up in a healing place for souls.


Our Spiritual Journey Is All That Remains

Every day I read something further pointing us to the path of human extinction...

The Amish Had It Right

I sometimes think the Amish had it right in more ways than one.


Creating Your Reality


We can create what we want using energy, visualization and thought rather than physical effort.

The Path to Change

The place we live and the place we work is a reflection of what we have chosen and are.


The Law of Attraction and Goals

We can't start the process of creation until we know specifically what we want.


Affirmations are positive thoughts that are repeated over and over.


Why We Fail

There are many people who live with self-contempt and hatred for the things they've done, or events from their past.

Magnetizing Technique

Now that you're gotten rid of your bad habits and have your tools together, start a magnetizing session.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visualization and affirmations are methods in which the mind communicates with the body.


Tools of Manifestation

Will Power

Where fear is the number one killer of aspirations, will power is the number one creator of our dreams.


If a person cannot focus their mind, they cannot achieve their goals.



Think big! Go outside of your programmed beliefs and write down what you want.


You are not just material mass. Your "batteries" are your chakras.


Subtle Body Energies

Subtle Body Energies

Our energy centers consist of the seven subtle bodies (aura) surrounding the physical body.

Chakras Blocks

A block is a place where energy is stuck and not flowing.


Seven Major Chakras

Chakras are energy centers, or vortexes through which energy flows in and out of the body.

The Seven Subtle Bodies

There are seven subtle bodies, or layers, around the physical body, which create the auric body system.


Clearing Blocks: The Root

Until we start to see that we are all interconnected, it is almost useless to proceed with healing.

Clearing Blocks

Unblocking the chakras is much like a person who is fasting.



The natural flow of energy is upward, starting at the base chakra.

Hands: Energy Transmitters

Hands can increase the flow of universal life energy into our bodies.



Know Yourself

You cannot fully experience love in this life until you know what love is.

The Foundation

You are the foundation of love because you are love.



This very word is the great disturber of relationships.


Fear is the great disturber of life, and therefore permeates all things, including relationships.


The Evolution of Love

The experience of love flows through us all.

Soul Mates: Do They Exist?

I believe there are "soul favorites".



The Process of Change

I write this because every day we are faced with situations that can change us or the decision to create change.

Love and Giving

If you want to love mankind, give up thinking how to do it, and at what quantity.



Before one can ascend, they have to go through the cleansing process.

Light Work

We can bring transformation into our lives by the use of light work.


Earth Cleansing

Unbeknownst to most all of us, the earth (Gaia), in its own way, is a sentient being.


That what used to serve us, and be easy to live with, may now not be serving us in terms of personal growth and aspirations.



Anyone who spends time watching news of any kind, will be faced with a myriad of doomsday scenarios.


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