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Creating Your Reality: The Law of Attraction and Goals

The Law of Attraction

The physical universe is energy. There is no hocus pocus behind this statement. All matter is energy, which vibrates at various speeds. What seems "solid" to us is just a slower vibrating mass. In that sense, all things are one because we are all various vibrating mass. This means that everything can be achieved because if it's part of us, then we can attract that resonating mass. If we understand this concept, we are well on our way to manifestation.

We must understand that energy is magnetic. This is why there is that old expression "like attracts like." All energy tends to attract similar energies, including thoughts. This is why people who are negative generally hang out with negative people, or attract negative situations in their life.


We can't start the process of creation until we know specifically what we want and we can't attract what we aren't already.

Most people don't even have goals, and if they do, they are in the form of a desire to avoid a particular unpleasant situation such as a job they can't stand. So not only do they not have any specific goals, but are also perpetually attracting unpleasant outcomes for their very thoughts of dread are what they attract.

Goals, especially written ones, are very important as they help direct the subconscious mind.

There is more to goal setting than meets the eye. We should be careful in how we format our desires on paper for the way we do determines our success.

What is it you're looking for? I get to the root of that by asking myself what I think "x" event, person, or thing will give me.

Creating Your Reality: The Law of Attraction and Goals For example, you may say, "I want a good job." First, what is a good job? You may answer, "One that pays well and is rewarding." Ok, what is the amount of pay you're looking for and define rewarding. Rewarding to you may mean that you are in charge of other people. What does being in charge of people do for you? Oh, so in our analysis we find out that it makes you feel powerful. Do you feel powerful now? Ịf no, then why not? If what you're looking for is freedom, do you feel free now?

In setting goals, we can not only get to the real root of what we want, but define the qualities that we should be feeling "now," for in doing so, we will attract what it is we want.

I wanted a high paying job so that I could afford the home of my dreams in the country. Why? Because it made me feel peaceful inside to be around nature, but I failed to realize that I needed the peace first to attract peace. When I felt peaceful inside, the rest unfolded naturally and to top it off, that peace now permeates all aspects of my life.

In setting your goals, define what it is you want to feel. Peaceful? Free from worry? Respected? Joyful? In reality, those qualities are more important than the material aspect of our goals, for what good is a nice home if you're still miserable? If you're unhappy as a person, no job will fix that.

Be as specific as you can. You might say, "I want a job as a developer in a high tech firm, to feel respected, earn "X" wage, have a low stress level and my co-workers are friendly and the atmosphere is nice.

If you're goals change, don't worry. Often when we write goals out of this nature, we find that they change as we do. That is good! It's okay to redefine ourselves in the goal setting process.

Here is a list of suggested categories that you can use to write out your goals:

· Work/career
· Money
· Life style/possessions
· Relationships
· Creative self-expression
· Leisure/travel
· Personal growth/education

Keep the wording positive in your goal setting. The subconscious mind is a tricky thing and will carry out orders in a specific manner. You should make positive statements such as "I feel free." Versus "I don't want anxiety." Leave the negative words out and phrase it with the positive counterpart.

It probably wouldn't hurt to write-out our fears. Get them out in the open, and away from the recesses of our mind. Then we can analyze them and replace them with positive counterparts. If we write-out that we're afraid of being alone, we can replace that with a goal of having a fulfilled partnership with inner peace and happiness. Once we write out our fears on a piece of a paper, we can then burn it or cut it up and throw it away as those fears do not serve us. We can keep the positive alternatives in our journal.

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