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The Devil

There is no denying that negative entities exist-- souls that have strayed from positive and gone down a negative path. The evolution of consciousness has huge margins and for every positive, there is an equal negative. This is creation's balance and has a Divine purpose though we don't really understand it. We wrack our brains asking why God would create evil but there is nothing outside of God, so "It' did. How do we know? Because it exists. We can't say that God is all things, but when we don't like it, exclude it from Its own creations.

I never define God as a single entity for I believe that God permeates all things, even evil (evil being a word to define negative). God is no more separate from us, positive or negative, than our own selves. We think God cannot be a part of evil but God is a part of us -- every one of us --, and look at all the negativity we strew on our own people. Remember Christ's words when he said, "Ye are Gods". He said that because in everyone of us, is a microcosm of God and sometimes we do good, and sometimes we do evil. God was and is the original and only force. Evil was not born out of "something else" but God.

The Devil The Devil, or Satan, if you want to put a label on a wholly negative force, is the yang of God but is still part of the whole. It's an energy that exists so we can slip down the slippery path, learn what that is like, and then move back towards the positive, or grace. Evil in its true nature is an illusion though. Evil is ignorance, fear, separation and negativity, but all those things are still concealing the underlying God quality of positive, love, and oneness. When I tried to judge evil as being truly that, I was told by "It" to not bother because I didn't have a clue what it's really about and therefore have no business judging what I don't understand. Every time I attacked Evil, thinking I was doing good, it morphed into Love and said, "Tsk tsk, you still don't get it, do you?" Ịt told me its purpose was to teach me love! Well, I finally do get it. Evil is just love disguised, however it's so disguised that it takes us lifetimes to know that. And when I say disguised, it's usually at an unconscious level which is why it's so marvelously concealed. A person who does evil is unconscious to what 'possesses' him into his or her behavior, but underneath it all, they are love. There is a great deal to learn about love from the actions of evil!

There is no true forked tongue, dragon tailed, red faced Devil just as there is no white robed, long bearded God. They are two energies that co-exist in our midst and both serve a purpose and can take on multitudes of forms. "Demons" are pretty scary looking creatures and lovely angelic beings do exist. But over the cosmic span of evolution, they eventually grow beyond that form as nothing is forever and the soul's evolution always returns itself to a state of oneness.

When you rid yourself of so-called evil, you don't let God in, but merely become conscious to what was already there. God doesn't move in and out of your life; more like you move in and out of consciousness of God. We bemoan why has God left us but it's more like we've left God in our thinking. Same thing with evil. The more dwell on evil, the less conscious we become of God.

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