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Ascension: Transformation

I have spoken recently how vibrations on this plane are changing. That what used to serve us, and be easy to live with, such as hobbies, a career, or even our choice in a mate, may now not be serving us in terms of personal growth and aspirations. Some will find disharmony with one of these things, or maybe even all of them. Up until this era of transformation, we were able to spend years living with these often mediocre conditions. One might call this a rut, an impasse, or a state that borderlines personal and spiritual stagnation.

These times are different. In vast quantities, people are discovering that they cannot live by these old ways anymore. But there is one hurdle that people are having to face (one of the biggest hurdles known to man), and that is fear. Fear can be a virtual prison. It keeps us in an environment that no longer resonates with us. The fear of being alone, rejected, failing, and even death. So now a great anxiety exists between these polarities. On one hand, we know that we cannot continue down this path of stagnation and limitation, but on the other hand, the fear of change, possible disappointment, or something worse... faces us. The fears that I speak of, and your personal fears, may not fall into these specific categories, but it is there in some way. Ịt could be possibly that your future choice will hurt someone, or the chance that you take might result in you looking silly, or whatever. What keeps us from being the ultimate we can be in this life is generally this one obstacle.

Ascension: Transformation One thing I can assure you of is that if you face your fears, you will be hugely rewarded. We are always presented with things that frighten us. Why? Because behind every fear exists the reward for conquering it. I am not talking life preserving fear such as taking precautionary measures to preserve our own life, but the fear that limits our personal growth. I cannot make you face your fear. I can only tell you that there is no such thing as a mistake, and that if you face this, you will learn and experience exactly what is right for you now. And even if you stall on making changes that you know are calling you, those very situations will unfold regardless. In these times we eventually manifest what is needed.

Now, if you want to quicken the process of unleashing your potential talents and abilities, there are things you can do. First, start broadening your descriptors for who you think you are. You are only who and what you decide to be! Don't limit yourself by repeating old words of who you think you are. You recreate yourself every day of your life. If you are not satisfied with where you are at, then start labeling and visualizing yourself in a different way, and your life will follow.

Take a step back from your life. In fact, take a physical break from it. If time and money permit, go on a personal trip somewhere you've never been, and I encourage you to go by yourself. You want to separate yourself from everything you know, so you can know something else. We cannot see a new perspective if we insist on existing in the current one. Leave behind your job, friends, habits, and mates for a few days. Look back on what you temporarily left behind and see the fascinating fact that you created it all! And like before, you can recreate it all over again, but this time with more knowledge of how you are 100% behind this creation process. Own that power... your power.

This life is short and is calling you. Answer that call with bravery and self-honesty. If we live the life that is no longer resonating with us, we are lying to ourselves and everyone around us. We are helping no one, though we might think we are. We cannot live for, or change anyone around us, but we certainly can for ourselves. When you let yourself be the person who you really crave to be, then your vibrations and personal presence will be altered greatly, and what you are you will attract. This means that through these actions, you will then attract the right mate, career, and opportunities that serve your higher self. Abandon listlessness, apathy and stagnation. "You" are waiting for you to discover yourself.

You are stuck to nothing and no one. We are all given free will. If we did not have free will then life would be boring indeed because we'd all be living the same life, making the same choices with the same outcome. Now use it!

If you want your life to change, start by changing yourself. If we stay who we currently are, then all we'll accomplish is recreating the life we already have. Profound changes in life start with profound changes of self. This would be no different than asking to see a different face in the mirror. Life is but a reflection of us.

If you can, get your goals onto paper. Openly illustrate who and what it is you feel burning underneath. Writing goals help solidify what is lingering in the back of our mind. Respect your desire enough to see it on paper. Give it power through exposure.

Some very powerful tools that you can use, and that I urge you to explore are;
- Affirmations: The repetitive and continuous restating of what we see us having and being. This is spoken in the now. Not "I want to achieve this", but "I have this specific thing."
- Visualization: What we see in our mind's eye we eventually manifest. It matters not to our higher-self if this is good or bad. What we fear we manifest. What we are certain we'll have we also manifest. You chose.
- Meditation. I cannot count the benefits involved from this. Powerful insight, ideas that are able to be "heard" from your higher self. Ability to conquer fear and an overall raising of personal awareness and vibrations.

I mention vibrations a lot and that is because All That Is, is energy, and all forms of energy vibrate. The higher that the mass vibrates, the more in tune it becomes with your higher self. The thick veil that separates you from the higher planes is thinned. Your ability to receive higher thoughts is then made much easier. You will eventually be finely in tune with this and your life will burst forth in knowledge, power, and change.

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