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Relationships: The Evolution of Love

The experience of love flows through us all, but depending on what aspect of our self is dominating us is how we will perceive it. Real universal love exists in our higher selves and cannot help but be a part of us, for it is part of All That Is. It pervades us at the highest level, and all the way down through our lowest body, the sub-self, which is where real love is least felt and understood.

If we were to start from the bottom up, the sub-self is the basest component of the love perception. It is highly filtered and animal in nature. If words were to be likened to this level of perception it would be: possessive, dominant, sexual, protection, and a "few versus many" potential for expressing it. We are attracted to the opposite sex (or same sex, in some cases) who unleash the sub-self sexual energy with un. This can lead to sexual obsession and a fanatical belief that this is love.

As we move away from the sub-self body, we enter the emotional body and our experience and perception of love is wracked with the highs and lows that come with this body. We can be moody and jealous, and our personal self worth is dependant on how the object of our love is treating us at the time. We are high with their acceptance and approval, and low with their rejection and scorn. The combination of the emotional and sub-self bodies are what most of society operates under as their pretext of "love."

Relationships: The Evolution of Love As a person evolves into the mental body, or self, they aren't so focused on the physical side of love. They are more objective in their approach, but still can suffer the thrills and tragedy of the emotional body. These are often the great poets, who transcend the physical side of love into more of an ethereal view of it. However, when scorned, the mental perspective can be associated with judgment, criticism, guarded, and become too analytical. Walls can be built that block off both the emotional body and the higher self. The mental mind can have its own critical agenda of what a person should be before love is bestowed on them.

But alas, the soul's perception of love evolves into the higher self, a perfect state. Here the person is farthest away from the sub-self and traits of that body are negligible, or non-existent. They are not riddled with roller coaster feelings of the emotional body because their love extends to all and is without conditions. Ịt doesn't matter if the love is returned, for that would be a condition. While the love of the higher self has the components of the analytical mind, no walls are formed if rejected, nor is compassion and love reserved only for the supposed worthy. The close reminder of this in our society is what a good parent may feel towards their child. As far as a mate, it is so rare that two people can reach this state at the same time, that witnessing this on this plane of existence is seldom.

We can know where we are at in this evolution by our actions. Are we jealous and clingy? Do we have walls that inhibit the flow of love from the higher self? Are we chasing an inappropriate mate based on their looks and sex appeal?

To love people unconditionally does not mean that you agree with their behavior. Nor does it mean that you have to respect their decisions. This is entirely separate. Unconditional love is accepting them regardless of their poor decisions or unproductive behavior. When you start to love unconditionally, you will know it. You will exist in a stream of pure energy that extends to all those around you. You will be unfettered with cloying emotions, yet can partake in them if you like. You can enjoy a partner sexually, but the perception of love during that experience will be unfiltered and from the highest source.

To me, unconditional love, when viewed from the higher self, is total freedom.

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