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A reader has recently asked me if she and her friend will reincarnate. This is a valid question for many of us who believe in reincarnation. Here is my feedback:

One can look at reincarnation in several ways. First, we never die so "reincarnation" is just electing certain vehicles for the soul to experience itself. So technically, you can "reincarnate" into the physical, astral, or the mental plane, but the soul is not really part of any of these planes. There is no past or future, only now, so reincarnation is a constant flow of Being, but in different forms and planes, which provides us the variety of experience to fully know our self.

You will continue to reincarnate into various vehicles as that is what your higher self desires. Of course you don't consciously wish to reincarnate again in to this plane. Any person with an ounce of sanity would not! Once you see past the illusion of what is presented to us here, it initially seems almost unbearable (this is stage one). But the striking truth is, is that you chose to be here at a level you can't understand right now. You weren't sent here to be punished, but instead, you came here because you knew, at the highest level, that this is where the most rapid remembering happens. So you consciously desiring not to come back here again doesn't mean you won't, for until your higher self chooses not to, you will. Like a skin that doesn't fit you anymore, you will shed it naturally when the time comes. But don't think because you see the illusion around you, that you've risen above it. It goes far beyond that.

Reincarnation When I say "remembering", you have to understand that your "higher self", or "It' or "Universal Mind" or "God" is in a state of perfection. This is already you, but you chose to forget so you can experience yourself through remembering. Reincarnation is what that is about. Ịt's not about learning, it's about remembering. Until you are fully remembered of your true being, you will keep coming to the place that you elect to help you in that process. And that place may or may not be the physical, but this is a very dense vibrational area where accelerated growth (or even sometimes stagnation and reversal) can happen.

It is often said that those wishing to escape the physical plane will always return. Now why is that? It is because this desire shows our lack of understanding for this cycle and of the illusion. As hard as it may be to see, this is a miracle process, and to some beings, a most enviable one. You do have purpose here, but whether you'll see it or not, that depends.

And I must make one more comment about this place. It is hard. The right choices are not easy. But no matter how much we bemoan this place, it is full of opportunity, excitement and potential for we create our reality. If we were in a place, such as the higher astral, where all of our thoughts and desires were instantly manifested (and we were not ready), we would be bored to death, craving the earth cycle once more. I know because I've seen it. You might swear up and down that this does not apply to you, but I've seen a thousand times over where people who exist in comfortable and placid conditions eventually manifest their own conflict to ease their boredom and to accelerate their process.

The person who is ready to ascend, and stop reincarnating into this plane, will do so naturally. They will emanate love and light and their vibrations simply will not resonate with this plane anymore. They are not filled with resentment, desire for escape, or hopelessness. And if they are here to help others remember, they will often take on a habit or disability to lower their vibrations so that they can stay on this plane long enough to help bring awareness to those around them (which is why we should take extra care when dealing with people with physical disabilities, for they may be masters indeed!)

So will you personally be reincarnated back onto this plane? I cannot say for the answer lies in you, not me.

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