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The Illusion of Separation

I used to think that separation (ego) was not a good thing. I mean, isn't this the cause of all of our wars (as in "us against them") The cause of rudeness and selfishness (hey, I'm just glad it's not me!) In fact, separation is our nature. I have said before that people will separate themselves, no matter what the degree. They will squabble in their family until a member is attacked by a neighbor. Then they will war against the neighborhood until that is attacked at which point they will unite and war against the country. If the country is attacked (as was the case with 9/11) then they will temporarily unite against the other country. Ịf malevolent aliens came and attacked us, the world would finally unite (just as it did in the movie Independence Day) against an outside force. The point is, no matter whom it is, the inhabitants of this plane will always carry the mentality of "us against them." As an example, I like to use the color white, which is the sum of all colors. Red seems to be different, but it is still part of white.

The Illusion of Separation But why do most of us have this mentality? Well that is fairly obvious: The illusion of separation is what causes this. On the surface (and a very thick surface indeed), we all appear separated. Just look at us, and you know we are not one. But this is the base level of who we are. When you start to peel away the surface of the ego, brain, and assorted vehicles (physical, astral, and mental), you will find that we exist within the network of the Universal Mind or All That Is. They even say that all a psychic is doing is tapping into its own self (not the self of the person they think they are viewing for they are one and the same). Of course we can remote view any time and place, for we are everywhere and everyone!

But we forget, and we do so willingly. Because if we didn't forget, we wouldn't have the joy of remembering. This is the process of what I like to call "First Grade" which is this earth/physical cycle. We cannot go to Second until we have finished First. So does that make First Grade a bad place? Of course not for it is essential to our growth, and cannot be skipped. And what do first graders do? They fight, play, bully, flirt, name call and take instruction from teachers. Leaders, followers, and loners are all formed here but all are still students and all are still one.

Another purpose of separation is so that we can know our self by experiencing what seems to be the opposite. If I did not ever know hate, how would I know love? If I did not know grief, how would I know happiness? All these things stem from one thing, but are created as an illusion so that we may know ourselves. Just as "It" created sparks of itself so that it would know Itself.

So what was once thought of as a doleful situation is in fact a purposeful condition. Separation is needed. Ego has a purpose.

Graduating from First Grade is not only about seeing the illusion of separation, but also understanding why it exists in the first place.

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