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Creating Your Reality: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I fail?

If people fail it will be because those things are not for their higher good. If anything is truly serving your higher good, it won't be taken away. You can also fail because you're afraid of success. Or you really haven't let go of your guilt at getting what you want, or you still possess the negative thoughts that have kept your life in scarcity.

Other reasons include lackluster desire (will), contradictory belief systems, guilt, a wandering mind, energy being used up by other "dramas" in life, to name a few.

Q: What are some affirmations (be sure though to make up your own so they best suit you)?

I am an unlimited being. I can create anything I want. I focus on what I love and thus draw it to me. I am the source of my abundance. My dreams come true. All answers are within me. I follow my inner wisdom. I change the world around me by changing myself. I know my value. I honor my worth.

Q: Does it help to give?

To create flows of abundance in your life, learn to give and receive freely. You want to receive as well as give. Many of you love to give to others, yet it is harder to allow yourself to receive from them. You empower others by letting them give to you, for they then have the opportunity to demonstrate their abundance. Ịf no one could receive, no one would be able to give, which would block the flow of energy necessary to create abundance.

If you give with a grudge, then don't bother giving.

Q: How long will this take?

This is up to you. It generally takes 21 days to change a habit or gain a new one, but how long will it for you? How strong is your desire? Are you doing all the steps? What is it you're trying to manifest? What I can do in a week may take months until you build this skill up.

Q: How Do I contact my higher self?

Our personality (ego) is the layer between higher self (source) and every day self. Some people might think of source as God, higher self, All That Is, but regardless of how we label it, it is still the source of wisdom, love, and knowingness that exists within all of us. Our goal is to get in touch with that part of our self, or to break down the barrier between our conscious ego self and our higher self. There is a two-way line of communication that we can establish with our higher self. There is the receptive mode which is when we are quiet, as in meditation or reflective thinking, that allows us to hear subtle messages that are coming our way. Or we can be active, as some people demonstrate through prayer, affirmations and visualizations, in order to channel our creative self into the areas we want to see results. By exercising either receptive or active roles, we can connect and communicate with our higher source manifest our desires.

Q: What is scarcity programming?

Scarcity programming is the opposite in prosperity programming in that it entails a belief system that portrays scarcity. Beliefs such as: "Life is meant to be hard." "Being poor is being spiritual." "Prosperity goes to those more deserving than myself." These limiting beliefs are probably the number one failure for manifestation. We manifest our beliefs, whether prosperous or scarce, and as long as we cling to this limiting belief system, then our lives will reflect that. Unfortunately, many of us are told what our stations in life are. "You are poor." "You are middle class." This does not define us though. We can reprogram ourselves, through affirmations and creative visualization, to be in any role we chose.

Q: Can these philosophies be used for healing?

Visualization and affirmations are methods in which the mind communicates with the body. In part, the process that has made the body allow sickness is that the mind interprets the body's signals. If we consciously use these tools to send positive, healthy messages, it will reduce, or eradicate unhealthy thoughts and signals that cause us to be ill.

The tools listed here run deeper than just thinking happy thoughts. It's about changing our belief structure. We may feel that getting sick will get us love, avoid situations, or because it's the only possible outcome to an issue. Before using visualization and affirmations for healing, we have to embrace the concept that we are perfect spiritual beings that emulate God, or the universal mind. This would mean that it is our natural "soul" right, as byproducts of this universal force, to enjoy beauty, vitality, strength, and youthful energy. If our bodies are a mirror of our inner beliefs, then we have to ensure that these beliefs are radiant and healthy. If they are limited, guilty, or negative, then we will expose those beliefs in our health.

We should think of illness as our body's way of communicating to us that readjustment may be necessary. While not all illnesses are the result of unhealthy belief systems, many are. If we are not able to quiet our minds and rest our bodies, then it will do it for us. There will be less need for illness if we stay in touch with our inner self. Visualization, as a tool for change, is ideal for healing because it addresses the core issue of mental images and concepts. We can start this process by imagining health and radiance, that our dis-ease is now cured.

Since we are all part of the "oneness" of the universal mind, we can use visualization and energy to heal others as well. This principle is the same as when one relative dies of the same disease of another relative, even though they were not exposed to the disease. We can radically alter another's health by simply changing our own concepts about another person, and projecting a healthy image about them.

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