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The Truth

A reader asked me recently, "Where does your information come from? And why do you trust it?"

Darned good question! How do I find the comfort level in speaking with others in regard to ascension, God, truth and life's path?

On the surface, truths are made self-evident. However, what is truth? And by whose standards?

I find that truth, at a level most of us know, can be bent or distorted. For example, one may say that it is a truth that steel can only be bent with a force greater than its own composition, but how does Uri Gellar bend spoons by soft touch alone in front of every kind of credible scientist (ex NASA personnel for example)? The fact is, base truth is subjective (note my use of the word "base.") Almost every historic impossibility (a truth at that time) has developed into a new truth. Our so-called truths are constantly being shattered.

We have witnessed throughout time that base truth is subjective, but is there a "universal" truth? I believe there is. Base truth, from the average perspective, is not truth, but our interpretation of life and experience. We declare what is real, what is science, and what is possible, but I have found that 99.9 percent of this is not universal truth. I know this because I have bent this base truth time and time again, but I cannot bend universal truth! I have witnessed and experienced the exact opposite of man's declaration of truth and know that it is not universal truth.

So what is universal truth compared to base truth? Ah! These are great questions indeed. To think one knows the difference! And from here, I can only speak from my "experience" which is broad in reference to truths.

The Truth Now, to know universal truth, one has to embrace the very largest of pictures. And to do this leads you to only one destination, and that is, most truth cannot be truly confined by humans. Truth is All That Is. Truth is like the air. Try and hold it, and it will slip from your grasp. Universal truth IS that we define our own truths. This in itself is truth. All that the word really means is what we call "real." Define your own truth and you define your own reality. And if you tell me this isn't so, or isn't possible, then I will show you now that your own self-inflicted truth is changeable tomorrow! But there is another universal truth that I know of, but will save for later...

Next, I would share with you my personal background on "knowledge." All knowledge is, as grand as it is to be had by man, is still an interpretation of your own personal truth, which as I have shown, should not to be confined. Knowledge, like truth, is still subject to interpretation and is constantly changing. Ịt wasn't too long ago that people knew the sun revolved around the earth (they also thought the earth was the center of the universe and flat!), but what did they really know? Their knowledge at the time was based on a false truth.

See where is this all going?

Life, and its interpretation, cannot be confined to man made laws of truth and knowledge. No matter what you read from my page, it is still my own interpretation of "truth" based on my "knowledge"... This is why I say "There are no real teachers, for we are all students." This is also why book knowledge is just about useless in terms of spiritual awakening. Everything you need to learn and remember will be experienced, as you are ready, in your own life. And anything you read anyways is just a "belief" until you experience it, and then it becomes a known. Life really is the only teacher we need.

I am not here to show you knowledge or truth. I am here to show you that, as a human being, you are only defined by you. What you do with this all-encompassing power is up to you. If I give anything, it is more freedom in your thinking. Your self-inflicted truth can be a mental prison or a paradise. I do not define this for you as a person. You do!

Now the one Truth and Knowledge that I am certain of, is Love. I have seen that Love drives this whole process. Most are not consciously or fundamentally aware of this, but the one truth, Love, exists in every soul and every thing and is the energy behind our existence. Now, how people define this love gets us back to human based knowledge and descriptors (generally wrong), but I do feel Universal Love is a Universal Truth.

I would also like to add two others, which a kindred spirit reminded me of, and that is Infinity, which encompasses consciousness and space, and the Eternal Present.

If you still want to know, on a basic level how I do soul readings, remote view, astral project, etc. that is more of a "grounded answer." These answers lay in personal experience, self trust through years of confirmation, and open channeled communication with my higher-self that feels right to me (because it's based on love and nothing else-if I hear anything but love from my higher self, I know it's my ego talking). How many times do I have to know the future to know that what I see in the subtle plane is real? How many times do I have to know a person's thoughts, past, and desires to know that what I see is generally valid? This is called experience and my trust of it and the process. I get confirmation on what I see all the time. This is how we gauge success. If I were wrong then I would be told or shown so. I would see it very plainly and adjust my filter accordingly. I may not always see the whole picture, but every year my skills increase, which in turn, increases my trust. And of course, everything written in this paragraph is still Anne's interpretation of her own personal truth (subject to change!) If I think too long on this, I'm sure to form a headache.

But all of this stems from the one universal truth: Love. How it is interpreted and experienced stems from your own knowledge created by your individual personal truth.

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