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Ascension: Cleansing

It is time for a change in perception and either we can own this process or it will be owned for us. What we perceive around us is based on our perceptions. Our Perceptions are based primary on our beliefs. And what we believe is what we have been told by those around us from our parents, the government, and countless religions. However, if what we were to date was balanced, then we would not be in this current state of dis-ease. We do not exist in the condition that truly reflects who we are on a soul level. The good news is that nothing in this universe remains stagnant for long and for every unbalanced state, is a chance to balance it out.

The human race always has, and always will have, free will. We manifest and create our realities on a single and mostly unconscious level, but also at a global level. While we live the lives we individually create, we are also under the influence of the creation of the collective conscious. I can live with a free heart and soul, but my body still has to conform to society's laws. If you or I don't, we are cast off and left out on the street. No matter my personal beliefs, I still have to pay taxes, work, feed and shelter a body and conform in some manner to those around me.

Through our collective and individual creation, we have created a world of want, where there was abundance. A tilt of power between people and countries in a world where no person or entity should govern another. Further and further we slip away from our natural and balanced birth right into an unbalanced state of being. We have created an unbalance, not only with humans, but also with earth itself.

I have been shown information over the last few years that deals with cleansing and ascension, both for us and earth. Ascension is the moving of a current frequency to one higher, but before one can ascend, they have to go through the cleansing process. Cleansing is necessary before ascension. The earth will cleanse itself before it ascends and we will cleanse ourselves before we can ascend. Cleansing, when not understood, is a painful process. I have always said that your body is a filter, and that it filters and slows information from the higher self, but a filter has another role. Ịt collects debris from our lives and stores it in energy cells within our chakras. These can be painful memories, grudges, attachments, and outdated belief patterns. This is why when a person has a blocked chakra, they can develop "dis-ease" which leads to illness, erratic behavior, or worse.

Ascension: Cleansing Like us, the earth has energy centers as well and also collects debris from human thoughts and actions. The air, water, soil, and energy systems are clogged right now with thousands of years of our waste. When we become out of balance, the earth becomes out of balance, for we are a system that co-exists in this time-space continuum.

Even Robert Monroe went through a cleansing process before he died. He couldn't eat meat, drink alcohol, or take medication of any kind. His body simply refused it. Before he left this plane, he discovered that love is all there was and to let go that which did not reflect this part of him. And when he did, magic occurred. A cleansed body and mind cannot help but ascend. It is against the laws of the universe to stay in a vibrational pattern that does not match what you are.

The ascension between us and earth will seem almost simultaneously. From what I see, we are heading into World War III and earth's cleansing will be triggered because of this. There is no need to elaborate on this. Anyone who's familiar with the Bible or Nostradamus knows what is awaiting us if we don't reverse our trend, and from what I can tell, we aren't.

So how does this affect you personally? For those that have not started the process of raising their vibrations, they will be presented with this shortly, if not already. I have said for the last two years that whatever does not resonate with you will either be shed, or you will become so aggravated by it that it will be like wearing sandpaper for clothing. All around me is divorce, job changes, and distaste for things once entertaining and compatible. What we used to be able to cover up with politeness and control will seem near impossible. We may fall into depression, self-loathing, and utter confusion for what is happening around us. Your chakras will start to release the debris that it has been carrying for so long. This may result in an oversexed nature, emotional bouts, or gut wrenching nights of confusion in the mind.

But we do have options. There are two frequencies that speed this transformation up and raise our vibrations. They are love and light. These two infinite frequencies can be used by any one of us to ease our cleansing. What we think of we manifest and attract. Let your thoughts be centered on these two frequencies, and your ascension will be much easier. Try and let go of the attachments in your life that don't serve you. Try and not dwell in the past, for that will keep you attached to it. Love yourself enough to let go, and look at the now, which is where you should be always.

By many people's standards this process will not appear to be a good thing, but I've learned to not judge the process. The earth cleanses itself regularly (thousands of years by our standards) and we humans have to learn how to co-exist with our environment and give up our incessant desire for control and power. It is a natural process, as is our own ascension.

There are those that have come here to help with this ascension. You will feel it deep within yourself. Bubbling under the surface of your current belief system will be an overwhelming feeling that you are far more than what you are currently expressing. The need to conquer the ego will be present and when you have done that, you will blossom into the real light being that you are.

Try and not be afraid. Fear is the opposite illusion of what we are, which is Love. It also lowers our vibrations and can have a counter effect on the work we are doing. Trust your inner voice, and know that where you are, is the perfect place for you to be. Don't fight it; just let the process unfold naturally.

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