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Unconditional Love

We have learned conditional love from those that held fear, ego, and guilt in their hearts. This is not to be judged, just accepted.

Starting from an early age, we saw that our value was determined by how those around us behaved or reacted to us. We grew to think of our value as external, not internal. This is normal for our society and yet we now must heal from this experience by moving from "love with conditions" to "love without conditions".

Before we can love anyone unconditionally, we must first love ourselves. We have to give and express the unconditional love to ourselves that was not provided to us by our biological parents. We re-parent ourselves not by our parents but by our own inner source of love.

Unconditional Love There are different levels of love. There is the family love involving parent, child and siblings. Then there is the friendship love we learn in school amongst our dear friends. Then there is sexual/romantic love that we experience as we reach maturity. But beyond that love is a more encompassing love. It is not a love that can be limited to a few people. When you comprehend that we are all part of each other, and once you have learned to love and accept yourself unconditionally, then this naturally disseminates to all those around you. Ịt is not confined to a child, parent, friend or lover. At the highest level, we are One so how can we turn our backs on anyone? You help and love others because in reality, you are really helping yourself. How can we possibly play favorites with one human? This is not unconditional love. This also plays a role in teaching, for I'm not just teaching a subject to a person, but at the highest level, I am teaching myself.

Is this level of love rare? Yes, it is. Our entire physical lives are spent muddling through the many various conditional "love" concepts, but rare is it when we see the Universal Love expressed. This is normal and part of our evolution.

It is no suprise to me that Buddah, Jesus and other masters (and on a humorous level, Yoda) had no wife. This would not allow them to fully be what they were teaching. Univeral love extends to all as we are all Part of One. Often relationships pull us into a very narrow expression of love. "Love me and no other... Spend all your time with me or I'll feel that you don't love me (conditions)... If you loved me, you'd do this to make me happy (more impossible conditions)... "

How do I know this? When you ascend to the higher planes your ego is stripped fully away. There is only conscious light and oneness. Much of our perceived misery here is that we separate ourselves from this fact.

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