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Creating Your Reality: Why We Fail

A whole volume can be written on this subject. Fear is the largest driving force behind all of mankind's decisions. Fear does serve a purpose in that it keeps us alive, but that is where it stops.

Often we base our decisions of what we want on the emotion of fear. I'll share some examples:

I should marry this person because he or she can provide for me (fear of being poor)

I need to have a baby soon (fear of getting too old and missing out-ticking clock syndrome)

I need to stick with this bad job (fear of change and monetary loss)

I need to eat better (fear of getting fat)

I need to start going to church (fear of death)

I can't ask her out (fear of rejection)

Why do we not start our own businesses? Why do we stay in jobs we abhor? It is often because we are afraid. I see people staying in the same bad relationships because they are afraid of being alone. Unfulfilled dreams stem from the fear of failure.

Humans naturally fear the unknown, but this doesn't need to be the case. Ịf we use all of these techniques to program for our future, then it really isn't an "unknown."

I cannot stress to you enough how blocking this emotion is. Confront your fears or they will run your life.

Your Past is Just That (Letting go of the Lesson)
There are many people who live with self-contempt and hatred for the things they've done, or events from their past. The negative values we place on ourselves are done by choice. It is a decision we wish to own. We can decide to be whatever or whomever we want. The body eventually follows what the mind thinks and it's all programming that is changeable by us at any time.

Creating Your Reality: Why We Fail I have learned that all sickness (mental or otherwise) is brought on by us. People have cured themselves of cancer, polio, and depression by using time-line regression (to the womb and even before) to determine the moment a person decided to have something (like epilepsy). Once they asked the higher self why they made this decision (for a life lesson, let's say) they then thanked the higher self, removed the decision from their life and cured themselves.

People can be born into this life with ailments and attitudes by their own choosing. But we don't' need to carry those with us after a certain point. Look into yourself and see what lessons are still around that you no longer need to own.

Resistance to Change
Change is a constant factor in life. How we address change determines our success and failure in life. Are you really open for this? Are you prepared for the change once it happens? Do you have any past failures relating to change that are still in your psyche?

Bad Habits
It generally takes 21 days to change a habit or gain a new one. You can use hypnosis to overcome certain bad habits that are in the way of creating your reality. Are you negative? Perhaps you overeat as a way to relax. Are you a self-saboteur? Take time to look at yourself and see what bad habits are keeping you from being and having what you desire.

Energy must "flow" for abundance to happen. A block is a place where energy is stuck and not flowing.

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