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Tools of Manifestation: Will Power

Where fear is the number one killer of aspirations, will power is the number one creator of our dreams. It is listed here first under the process of manifestation because without it, you will have a far less chance of getting what you want. The difference between manifesting and wishing is 'will.' I can honestly say that will power alone will undo most of any person's negative programming. It is very true when they say, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

Calvin Coolidge stated that, "Will and determination are omnipotent." What makes this so? What is this special energy that can manifest our desires, even seemingly impossible ones? Ever wonder why the word "power" is followed by the word Will? They do not say "fear power" or "determination power" or "happy power."

Tools of Manifestation: Will Power Before we create something, we typically think of it (mental plane) and then give it energy (astral plane) then we can witness it (physical plane).

We can desire, like, and fear many things, and they will eventually come to us, but if we want something fast, or gain something that is perceived difficult, the will needs to be understood, developed and used.

How do we do that? First, we must understand will. Will is a powerful energy. This energy can be tapped into, enhanced, and trained to do as we wish. This powerful emotion is not to be confused with physical emotions related to chemicals such as endorphins, hormones, adrenalin, testosterone, etc. This is one of the strongest emotions a person can possess; yet it is natural. We can possess will even when out-of-body. This is what helps us transcend time, visit people of unknown destinations, heal, etc.

If you were to sit and think about something you yearned for, where did you feel that? For me, that is in my solar plexus or "gut."

The solar plexus is a chakra (also known as the Manipuraka --jewel of the Navel Chakra).

Here are the details on the solar plexus:

Location: Between the chest and the navel.
Color: Yellow (like the sun)
Attributes: The will, destiny, autonomy, determination, assertion, personal power, purpose and sight.

Now that we understand that will is directed through the solar plexus chakra, we can then start to direct more energies throughout the body by the mind.

I have several ways of doing this:

Coil Technique: Decide what you want. Then relax and reach a state of total relaxation. Feel your desire start to mount in your solar plexus. Then, imagine a golden coil coming out of your solar plexus and extending into the universe (see it sparkle with golden yellow dust...) Know that it is very magnetic. See what you desire attaching itself strongly to your coil. Bring your coil with attached objects back in through your solar plexus. KNOW that it is yours. This is very much a feeling process. You should feel as strongly as you are visualizing.

Fire Technique: As with the coil technique, decide what you want. Then relax and reach a state of total relaxation. Now, envision fire in your root chakra. See it blazing and swirling around. When you feel the heat, move the fire up your spine to your solar plexus. Start affirming a positive statement that you will have what you desire (example: I will get that raise.) Continue to feel it burn (remember, will is a burning feeling!)

The solar plexus is tied in with our emotions. Ịf we are anxious, we develop knots in our stomach. When we develop determination and will, we feel good about ourselves and develop the strength to overcome our personal obstacles. This is known as our personal fire. This fire is very powerful and provides us the drive to accomplish self-expression.

You will find that after doing this awhile, things will fall into place. Decisions will be made in your favor, "lucky" circumstances will be common, harmony between you and objects of your desire will resonate together (and what resonates together causes attraction).

Do not bring fear or doubt into this process. We manifest what we truly believe. Until you can believe in this process, you may want to refrain. It will do no good to walk through these steps, while thinking, " This is crazy, there is no way I can have that..."

Once you develop your will, you won't have to go through so much effort. You can then use it like a lightening bolt. Think of something you truly want, build a huge energy vortex in your solar plexus and just blast it out at the object you want. I have manifested instantaneously things I wanted once I developed this power, but it was only achieved with a clear, highly focused concentration of energy. This type of focus is very acute.

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