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Creating Your Reality: Introduction

We can create what we want using energy, visualization and thought rather than physical effort, and produce results that exceed anything we can create with physical effort alone. When you understand how energy works, you can take only those actions that bring you the greatest results without wasted effort.

Our thoughts have real substance. In the subtle planes, this is displayed quite obviously. Before I can finish a thought, it has become a reality. We cannot lose sight of that in the physical because although it is not instantly evident, it does become your reality. Think of thoughts as magnets. What you perpetually think about is what is created, via magnetic attraction, in your life. Everything around you was a thought in your mind or someone else's before it existed in this reality.

Creating Your Reality: Introduction Our physical environment is the sum (or reflection) of our inner thoughts and those corresponding thoughts drive our actions. Look around at what you've created including your dwelling, job, friends, and even your physical state. If you're not pleased with all of them, then you've got some work to do.

What is possible in terms of creation? Ịn my opinion, anything is possible. There is no limit to what you can create. We live in an abundant and limitless world; anything is possible. Every person has the potential to become a master of creation. But before creation can happen, the creator must become realized to the process of creation.

Creating your reality is about revising your concept of self, using magnetization techniques, activating energy centers, using positive affirmations and visualization. These are the "keys of awareness" that allow you to unlock the doors to creation.

If we are supposedly created in the likeness of God, then why do we struggle with the biggest godly attribute there is, which is "creation"? We struggle because we have been conditioned into thinking that "Ye Are Gods" doesn't apply to us. We are told that "All That Is" is external to us. This is not so. We have all this power, but we don't use it. It sits dormant in us, just waiting for us to wake up and activate it. And we all know that what isn't used, atrophies. So we must take this creation muscle and flex it.

When it comes to creation, we have to temporarily get out of our own way. What this means is, is to put your current attitudes and beliefs on hold. If what we were currently using and thinking worked, then this wouldn't be the case.

If you were to stop and think about a great person in terms of personal power, self esteem, and confidence, you would imagine that this particular person could achieve just about anything they set their mind to, right? Now what is the difference between you and this person? If that person can do it, then so can you. The only thing that separates you two is thoughts and awareness. One mind is positive, charged and consciously directed, whereas the other is weak, fragmented and negative.

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