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Tools of Manifestation: Visualization

I remember how I used to think about what I wanted in life. It would generally sound like this, "I'd love this house, but it's out of my league." Or "I'd like to do that for a living, but I don't have a degree." We often visualize what we want in terms of how we were brought up. I was poor in my youth and had that self-image and limiting vision of myself. I thought I'd be "lucky" to have any home at all, or that I shouldn't want more than what my parents had. It took quite a bit of reprogramming to realize that my past was just that-the past! I can have and be anything I want, and there is nothing to stop me, but my own self-inflicted limitations.

Think big! Go outside of your programmed beliefs and write down what you want. Have fun with it. Ịf you want a nice home, then why not a perfect home? If you're dreaming of being published, why not dream of a national top seller? Challenge yourself! Think perfection. If you don't you, you're only limiting yourself.

Tools of Manifestation: Visualization Another wonderful aspect of visualization is that we can "see" what we want to be or have in present terms. The subconscious mind doesn't care about time and space for it just manifests what data it receives. If we visualize our desires then the subconscious mind goes about creating that reality for us.

While the will is dominated by the solar plexus chakra, our visualization is dominated by the third eye charka. Be sure to exercise this chakra (see below chakra section).

There are three levels in the life spectrum that visualization can help us keep in balance and harmony, which helps us achieve our goals. The first level is "being." Beingness is the fundamental process of being alive and conscious. This condition is where someone feels totally complete, serene, and at rest with our own personal self.

The second level is doing. Doingness is action and movement. Within all of us is a natural creativity, which flows through all things and is the source of our vitality.

The third level is having. Havingness is the state of being in relationships with people and things in the universe. When we are in a state of having, we are receptive to the presence of people and objects in our lives.

When these three states are in balance with one another, they exist simultaneously without causing conflict with one another. The perfect order would be a person who exists in a state of being, that creates creative movement for what they want and have those things as a final result. With visualization, the purpose is to connect us with our beingness, help us focus on the process of doingness and to increase and expand our havingness.

There is one final, and very important note on visualization. When a normal "will" is in conflict over the imagination, the imagination will win. This is very important! Make sure that you are imagining what you're willing! If you put out the will power to lose weight, but you're imagining yourself fat, it won't work. This is a universal law and must be adhered to.

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