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Subtle Body Energies

Our energy centers consist of the seven subtle bodies (aura) surrounding the physical body; the corresponding chakras of each of these seven bodies, and the Kundalini (ch'i, prana, orgone, life force, etc.) that flows through our subtle body chakras.

When a chakra is blocked, the ability to exist in a balanced state of body, mind and spirit is not made possible and dis-ease (disease) inevitably follows. It will cause discoloration and dense vibrations in your aura and prevent essential energy from your higher bodies to be filtered into the physical body. Ịn short, you will eventually suffer from physical and mental illness, or even death.

Even a disfigured (versus a blocked chakra) will result in us not being fully present in this life experience. We express all aspects of ourselves through our "bodies" whether that is physical, etheric, mental, astral, or spiritual. Try watching a movie with one eye and ear covered to see the effects that a slight alteration to your key sensory centers has on your experience. Disfigured, torn, seeping, and blocked chakras mean that you cannot love, think, or feel to your fullest.

Subtle Body Energies When our energy is flowing properly, we can reach higher states of awareness, know unconditional love, and raise our vibrations. When all chakras are open, healthy, and processing energy properly, then our light work is not in vain and we can enjoy what was intended for us: a clear spiritual energy field and higher existence.

Since most people cannot see auras to detect their blocks, they will instead have to look for other symptoms (listed under the chakra description section).

In summary, what I have written here are a series of brief articles to get you thinking about what your subtle energy centers are and their importance to you. From here, should you desire, you should consider picking up a book or two on the subject, or using the internet to get more information to best suit your needs.

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