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Subtle Body Energies: Seven Major Chakras

As stated before, chakras are energy centers, or vortexes through which energy flows in and out of the body. They open and close like flowers, and spin like wheels. Not only can we return them to a healthy state, but we can also strengthen them like muscles and enhance the behavior or ability associated with them. For example, I always do third eye strengthening to help with my remote viewing.

There is energy all around us, and our chakras can take energy in or expel energy. This is why if you're around "energy takers" you may feel drained after being around them awhile. Sick or negative people may feed on your energy, but you can also give your energy for healing and love.

Ịn this chakra section, I have listed the chakra name, location, the color it should be when healthy, the musical note (which some people may wish to explore as musical notes affect our chakras), associated gems, its attributes, and blocking symptoms.

Now, while I have listed the seven major chakras there are hundreds of smaller minor chakras. These minor ones are used in acupuncture and advanced healing. We will not be addressing these here. Again, if your needs demand this, pick up some books on minor chakras.

There isn't much information available, but there is some documentation of up to twelve major chakras (not just the seven). When I was out of body one time, I activated all of my chakras and the kundalini started to flow. But what surprised me (and was not a conscious knowledge to me at the time) was that I instinctively sent this kundalini up through my seven chakras to chakras I didn't even know I had! The higher chakras were then activated along with my lower chakras. The experience was like a million volts of electricity going through my whole subtle body energy field. I literally thought I was going to explode. This is why masters warn against sudden activation of kundalini, because if you are not prepared or developed, rather harsh conditions will break down the student and cause a digression, not a progression.

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