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Ascension: Love and Giving

A reader recently asked me to answer some questions on the ascension process. First, I have included the questions, and then my reply follows.

Questions from Reader:
I was thinking about how we must learn to love in order to ascend. Then I asked myself how much should we love? Or how much should I help the poor, or the people in need? After accepting the reality of love one wants to express it and so charity is what comes to mind. But how much time/money?

Should I give out of pity?

To speed our spiritual evolution, must we all give as much money as possible and give all of our free time for charity?

What is the importance of the self in all of this? How do we balance? Should we balance?

Our efforts in this regard belie that we are not yet that which we seek.

To "try" and be spiritual is not truly existing in that very state.
To worry how much to give is not truly giving.

Help the poor or don't help the poor. They themselves will receive the help they need, at the right time, my friend. Ịf you do give, do it without thinking of the merit or benefit that you will receive in terms of ascension.

What is it you pity? Although the poor are suffering, they have chosen this at a level few can understand. We all think that bad things happen to bad people, but the fact is, lessons happen to us all. We label lessons as "bad" and think they are some imaginary punishment that God has cruelly bestowed on us, but God has done nothing of the sort. We need these lessons for our personal growth. So what you're asking me is, "Shall I pity a necessary lesson that this soul has chosen at the highest level?" My answer is no. Pity no one. For God gave us free will and each and every one of us is exercising this every moment of every day. You are doing this now, whether you're conscious of it or not. So do I pity you? Of course not. Your path is a living miracle. I pity no one. I once pitied a man who could not walk, but when I made contact with his higher self, I saw that he had specifically chosen this to learn many a great thing. I simply did not understand at the time how this process works. Now I do.

Ascension: Love and Giving You are worried and full of fretful feelings. You think there is some grand overseer of your sins, but the only person holding judgment is yourself. God does not judge you in the way you think. It is not waiting there with some great big stick to beat you down for your perceived imperfections.

We are eternity, you and I. Don't forget that. It is an unfortunate human state to think that we are judged in a few years. And the great Seer knows there is no end, which really says that Godly judgment doesn't exist. The only judgment that exists is the one that exists by you alone. So stop trying to do what is "right," but instead do what you want to do. Follow your heart, for that will awaken you to the true path that you seek. In fact, just give up trying, for you cannot see the grand picture of your path. All you can do is seek simplicity in your actions, which will mirror your higher purpose.

You say that you want to express love, but does love come with guilt and a measuring spoon? No. It does not. Love is unlimited and infinite. If you want to love mankind, give up thinking how to do it, and at what quantity. Just love. The act of Being is love with no action required. Pure love thinks not of such things. It just is. Love does not evaluate, judge, or interpret. When I think of love, I like to imagine an infant, for that is love in pure form. It does not love the parent with any kind of agenda, or fear of rejection. It just does.

The importance of self is that your "self" is part of All. So it is very important, is it not? And because of this, hold others as high as your "self" for they are the same. Do not try and balance, for nature will balance this for you. No matter how man tries (willfully or otherwise) to unbalance nature, it know how to balance itself out and will do so accordingly.

Do not forget that your higher self is no less grand than God because you are an aspect of God, you have simply consciously "forgotten" this.

There is no speeding up of your spirituality. You can only do what you are ready for. If this seems "speedy" then you were ready for this. If it is slow, then you are going through the critical first steps of awakening

It is with little reward to seek to measure, quicken, or gain some advantage towards your spiritual state. You are spirit, and therefore cannot help but be spiritual. And as you experience your self (which is not the same as willful desire to further your self), then you will awaken at the exact moment and become realized to the fact that there is no effort involved, just trust and release...

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