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Tools of Manifestation: Concentration

If a person cannot focus their mind, they cannot achieve their goals. Concentration is the foundation of mind control, which is the foundation of a person's everyday success. It is stated that through concentration, even the average person can tap into the genius state, as the genius capability is a result of super concentration of the mind. The biggest difference between the average person and the genius is not the anatomical make-up of their brain, but how they use their minds. Brain-wave tests on Einstein confirmed the theory that genius is associated with the ability to super concentrate the mind.

Tools of Manifestation: Concentration Concentration of the mind is a learned process and can be developed by any person. The concept of "ideo-motor" action indicates that whenever the attention is concentrated long enough on a thought or idea, it results in physical action. The brain consists of 13 billion cells, and the number of possible circuits in the brain exceeds the numbers of atoms in the universe and no human being, even the most brilliant, has used more than 10% of their mind in daily life.

There are three methods to developing concentration of the mind. The first exercise involves getting into a state of relaxation, closing your eyes, and clearing your mind. The process involves keeping your mind clear until a thought has forced its way into your mind, at which point you open your eyes. The standard beginner time-frame for this exercise is 5 seconds. Keep repeating this until long periods of time have elapsed (five minutes, as an example).

The second exercises involves focusing exclusively on an objects, such as a doorknob or a spot on the wall, and then holding this image in your mind while keeping your eyes close. When a thought intrudes and disrupts your image, you are to open your eyes and fix your gaze again on the object. Standard focus time on this exercise is 30 seconds.

The third exercise involves putting an hourglass on a desk, and visualizing, with eyes closed, that the sand has filtered from the upper compartment to the lower compartment. Ịf the imagination completes the filtering, you should imagine that the hourglass has been turned over and start over again. This can go on for as long as it takes to maintain a steady stream of concentration.

Eventually, the concentration process will be greatly increased. If these exercises are carried out three times a day, every day, the power of concentration will be greatly improved and mental productivity enhanced.

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