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Subtle Body Energies: Chakras Blocks

A block is a place where energy is stuck and not flowing. Blocks are often caused by guilt, fear, limiting beliefs, or anger, which causes a person to cut off or restrict their energy supply.

It is a general human reaction to block our feelings as a reaction to what has caused us pain and therefore stop the energy flow from that chakra. For example, if a child attempts to give love to a parent, and it is not returned, the child will eventually stop trying to give love, and inhibit their emotion by blocking the heart chakra, which eventually either tears or becomes disfigured. Blocked chakras are not an adult phenomenon only! Blocking starts at any age and can endure the rest of our life. I would say that almost all adults, who have not tended to this issue, have multiple blocks or distortions in their chakras. Simply living what I would call a standard life would do this. This does not mean you are weak, it means you are human.

Subtle Body Energies: Chakras Blocks Blocks can also be caused by traumatic events such as physical injury, rape, as well as drugs, alcohol and a poor diet. A person doing LSD or cocaine for example will develop a dense mucus type substance in their aura that can affect not only a major chakra but any number of the hundreds of minor chakras. Ịt has been shown that drugs used even for medicinal purposes are seen in the aura for up to a decade!

Don't confuse blocked with closed." A chakra is like a wheel (in fact the word chakra is derived from Sanskrit for wheel) or flower (often depicted with the Lotus flower) in that these small vortexes open and close depending on situations such as sleep, and processing energy flow. A healthy chakra is flexible; an unhealthy one can actually stay open for too long (constant seepage of energy), or not open at all (blocked).

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