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Subtle Body Energies: Clearing Blocks: The Root

Before I start to talk about the healing of your blocks, I want to point out something that creates most of our pain and suffering in this life, and that is Separation (ego). Separation is why we think we need war, why we feel we are victims, why we attack each other, why we feel lonely. Until we start to see that we are all interconnected, it is almost useless to proceed with healing. There is nothing but an illusionary vibrational line that separates us. When you ascend to the higher planes, you see that we are one! When we descend, we take on what seems to be separate forms, and the battle begins on every level.

Subtle Body Energies: Clearing Blocks: The Root And once you start to see this interconnectedness, then you will realize that attacking me, is attacking you. Judging me is judging you. And of course, loving me, is really loving you! How can I hurt myself? Ịf I do, it's only because I don't understand (or temporarily forget) that in every cell of my body is the Divine Will and energy of All That Is and this supreme energy is also in you! While ego is present and serves a useful purpose in our growth, we need to understand its role in our life, and how to not let it create unbalance, and misery.

We really can exist in the duality of one/all if we understand it. This is another article I'm working on, but for now, think about how you separate yourself from the divine will, and each other, through the illusion of separation.

Taking a smaller approach to the root
That being said, we also have to realize that to understand separation/ego can take years to integrate (if ever). I also recommend that you look at the smaller picture of your issues and how they are caused. No matter how much you clear your chakras, the blocks will re-manifest again because of your ingrained personality! In other words, address spiritual healing to help your chakra.

I'll give you an example of how this works. In this example, I will cite a woman who has an over-active, or wide-open heart chakra. She is not real, but I am simply using her as an example so you can do some inner searching to see how you can look at a smaller chunk of your issue. Now while I am citing an overactive heart chakra, go back through the chakra examples, looking for what relates to you and meditate on it.

So let us say you have an overactive heart chakra. You will often be an exuberant healer, caregiver, and described as "open hearted" and loving. While these are great traits, if you leave your heart chakra open too long, you will literally drain your energy by not balancing this chakra (remember the seepage I mentioned?) In her case, she is running around, trying to please everyone (albeit with great love) and does not know when to stop. Her physical heart is now growing weak and she is in jeopardy of a heart attack. She gives other people a rest, but not herself. She has lost her heart flexibility and is a steady stream of outpouring energy and vitality. When you warn her of this, she may possessively hold onto her behavior and not see the message.

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