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Ascension: The Process of Change

Why write an article about change? Well, I'll tell you. I write this because every day we are faced with situations that can change us or the decision to create change. Not all change necessarily suits us at the moment, but much does or we wouldn't be presented with it. More can be gotten from this life is we are willing to see what drives the change process. So let us discuss that here...

The difficulty and process of change in one's life is purely subjective. For one man, the process of changing the route to work is difficult, while another has successfully dealt with leaving all matter and persons behind and flying to the moon on a man-made ship.

Our boundaries are what we have created for ourselves (through ego). You mostly set that boundary by past experience, social conditioning and limited awareness. You either maintain that or expand it each day as you yourself experience and grow. But what is beyond this boundary? What awaits you if you are willing to stretch it? We keep boundaries greatly out of fear, but what if we grew strong and were willing to extend this boundary a little further? What would greet us? I will tell you this, and that is, what you will find is not written or understood within the walls of your current reality. So listen to these words as great potential exists.

Ascension: The Process of Change Imagine taking a trip in a plane somewhere far away and then looking through your window at the earth below. The life you created exists down there on the ground, but its existence stems entirely from within the person staring down from the plane. One directs and creates the other, in totality. If you think about this, you will find that you can detach and see how that in life you are always in that "plane high above." You will realize that everything around you that is physical is on the ground far below your mind. You create this. Ịt does not create you. The life you are seeing is a boundary made evident.

And with this knowledge you will realize that the mate you have chosen; the job you work; the country you live, are all your manifestations. Here is where the personal power starts. Knowing that you are the creator. Knowing that change stems from being willing to alter your perception of self and push the envelop of your personal boundaries.

So here you sit, staring out your life window at your physical reality below. You... an infinite being, in every way... experiencing and seeing your own limitations.... The question is, do you want to change this? Are you ready?

How will you know? Change ebbs on us by desire. We start to desire what the higher self is willing. Where is your desire pulling you? One can counter this statement by saying that the "emotional self" is desire, and that this is not the "higher self", but the two have a nuance that separates them. The desire of the lower emotional self is generally fleeting, while the desire of the higher self will last for years, if not a lifetime. Ironically, the emotional body will cry loudly out to you, thus taking your immediate attention, but the desire of the higher body is much more subtle and will only whisper to you. You won't notice it unless you have gone quiet within. One is temporary and loud, the other is long lasting and subtle. You know what I speak of.

In a way, you live in a virtual prison. But the gatekeeper is no one other than yourself. You hold the key to your personal freedom. I am telling you to unlock yourself. Expand your mind. Take a break from your own rules and parameters and seek beyond what you currently experience for that is narrow indeed. Own the process of change. Don't wait for God to change your life. IT has already given you all the necessary tools. You were created in the likeness of All That Is and were given free will. We are natural creators by soul right. If it were any easier, it wouldn't be any fun.

Here you will find yourself. Not an aspect or shard of yourself, but truly yourself.

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