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The Sub-Self

This sub-self topic is something that I've been mentally chewing over for awhile. There have been certain conditions and circumstances, inexplicable at the time, which supplicate for an answer.

Now, let's start at the beginning. There have been occasions that I have left my body to look back and see a sleeping "me", but the body was in an entirely different position than my sleeping physical body. I never could figure what this "body" was all about. Was it my astral form and I was now in the mental? This seemed unlikely as the astral body didn't even need to exist in a discernable form, and this body was very much near the physical plane because it seemed so solid.

Another curious event happened years ago where I left my body and saw my (now ex) husband sitting in bed grinning. This obviously was not his physical self, so I assumed at the time that this was his astral form. I tried to talk to him, to convince him to travel with me, but he was so out of it (for lack of a better term) that I could not communicate with him. Reason was not present, nor would he speak in a real coherent fashion. He appeared to be this very low level energy that was driven purely on the basest level of instincts. I often wondered what this energy was that was so near the physical plane.

Then other clues started to build that again related to etheric sub-self energies. Some of us have become aware in that state that is between physical sleep and mental awareness and have experienced the famous "night terrors" or "hag syndrome." This phenomenon is recorded throughout human history, and it is generally the same. A person wakes up in the catatonic or etheric state (doctors call this sleep paralysis), and immediately some energy form antagonizes this poor person and they are too incapacitated to do anything about it. Sometimes it's very sexual in nature, or sometimes frightening beyond words. But the common factor always exists, and that is; it knows the moment you wake, and from what I've learned from experience, is that it always mirrors what you feel. Ịf you feel sexual, it will be sexually charged. If you are terrified, it will terrify you. If you send it love, it will dissipate and become idle.

The Sub-Self Why is this? How could something supposedly external to us know the moment we wake if it was not some how a part of us? Why do so many humans, through the ages, go through the exact same phenomenon? I don't think necessarily that any evil or sexual entity carouses the etheric looking for the moment that their victims/partners wake up, but instead, I think this may be a part of our sub-self that is just reacting to what energy we are putting forth. I say this because I've played with my emotions at these particular times. When I decide to convert my emotions and reactions, it instantly mirrors what I'm doing. And of course, I don't dismiss that there are in fact exterior energies that inhabit our living space when we sleep, for they do. What I'm talking about is a specific manifestation of ourselves that is very near to the physical plane, and is very low in nature and can meddle both with the physical form and its close partner, the astral. Just as the astral is the bridge between the etheric and mental plane, I think this etheric body is the bridge between the astral and physical plane.

What is a sub-self? We have many different levels because we exist on many different planes (and even parallel universes). We have etheric energy, astral, mental and beyond. Each plane has corresponding traits, laws and anomalies. But what do we know of the etheric? I don't recall anyone putting forth the postulation that we have a lower level energy body (sub-self). We talk of chakras and I have written about etheric anomalies, but I haven't ventured to say that we have etheric bodies that are very close to our physical forms.

When we are awake, our bodies and energies merge. This includes our mental (higher), astral, and sub-self (lower). We are "part animal, part god" at that time. What I mean by that is, we are ruled, in part, by the lower body (sub-self) as well as the higher bodies (mental and beyond). This lower self is not a communicator (as it is not a part of the mental plane) but it is very much related to all things base; sex, aggression, and survival. We can be quite conscious and encounter this energy and think it beyond ourselves, but it is very much a part of us. Where truly does our animal instinct exist? We think it part of the brain, but I think it exists in this sub-self form. Another confirmation of this, is that when I shed the etheric (Robert Monroe would call this a double roll out), I would be void of base feelings. The longing I felt in the physical would suddenly dissipate. My higher nature would dominate my experience.

This explains other things such as the inability to communicate and why no matter how delicately we become aware in the etheric, "something" instantly perceives our awareness and rushes over to us.

I also think the astral and sub-self can merge and cause near physical behavior such as moving objects, or having conscious intercourse with other beings (incubus, succubus).

More and more clues are leading to the fact that this sub-self does exist. But what does this teach us? I think what it teaches me, is that it's a part of us when we are merged (aware in the physical) and not to give rise to its easily stirred emotions and conduct. I think people out of touch with their mental and higher selves are dominated by this sub-self, and this can lead to behavior that is not so conducive to their personal growth as is the case of people led by their base nature.

The astral is the emotional body, but it is not as base as the sub-self. Because we do most of our conscious perceptions in the physical, and the sub-self is so close, I think society directs its energies towards these two energy bodies. Our music, entertainment, and mindset are sub-self in nature. Bad? Well, I don't believe in bad, but just recognize that there is much more. The physical and sub-self mentality is just scratching the surface of who we truly are, which is very enlightened beings.

The sub-self is where our base emotions stem.... our raging and vast desires. Be aware of it, and endeavor to understand it so that it does not totally govern your behaviors.

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