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Our Spiritual Journey Is All That Remains

Every day I read something further pointing us to the path of human extinction and not in a thousand years, or a hundred years, but decades. It’s not even a ‘maybe’. And worse, the “leaders” are doing next to nothing about it.

Greed has always been around on this planet. Greed for more land, more power, more money. While it’s been around since the dawn of man, it’s now coupled with toxic technology and that will be our undoing. Greed won’t let us see that future generations won’t benefit or enjoy what we’ve taken for granted. We don’t bother giving up our things because we know the next person in line will happily take them. If our country doesn’t consume products and burn oil, plenty others will. Might as well enjoy it while we have it, right? Other countries have declared, like China and South America, that it’s now their turn to enjoy riches. Unfortunately for them, the earth, and other countries lining up behind them, those riches are dwindling or are damaged. The earth cannot sustain another America (70% of over-consumption is done by 30% of developed nations like America). She is no longer ‘sea to shining sea’, but polluted sea to polluted sea. And in her lead, others are following. With the population expected to reach 9-12 billion, it will become a dead planet with nothing but dead people.

Our Spiritual Journey Is All That Remains I see no reversal. The shock to wake humanity up would have to be so colossal that it would be a literal resetting point such as an asteroid, alien intervention, a pandemic of global proportions, a super volcano or something else to slap us so hard that we wake up from this self induced coma.

I’m sitting here and watching us spiral towards our end at neck-breaking speed. It’s strangely lonely because hardly anyone else sees it and if they do, they are labeled an alarmist, a tree hugger, a scientist’s whose work is based on ‘junk science’ (our former President’s words) or worse. But they do exist and they must be as sad as myself.

I was so distraught after writing the above few paragraphs that I had to walk away. Take a break before I was engulfed in sorrow. During my break, I realized this would be my last incarnation here on earth. It has to be because there would not be an inhabitable earth to reincarnate to. This means it’s your last life-time here as well. It’s all of our last. Maybe this is why the Mayan’s wrote that the end of the calendar is only two years away and that like destructive cycles before, man makes the choice that ultimately can lead to their death.

2012, ascension or not, our souls will be making a departure, en masse, from this planet in the near future. Think about that. Our physical home will be no more. I cannot be the only one who knows this. There is one element that can break through the greed blinders and that’s the fear of death. There are only so many alternatives for those in power. One is that they feel this is true and welcome this due to their belief (Armageddon, rapture, or whatever) so they will continue to do nothing. Second, they want to enact a mass depopulation scenario like a plague and may even plan it around 2012 to add to the hysteria or they really are as stupid as they seem and can’t see through their greed and they will die like the rest of us.

What can be done? In terms of the physical, not much because without true leaders allowing the lift of on-going suppression of oil free technologies, little progress will be made. The people in true control are not evolved. They are not seeking spirituality but instead, power and privilege.

In terms of spiritual, that never changes. We are going to die whether or not it’s from global warming, pollution or any other man-made mayhem. Our personal role hasn’t changed since the beginning of our spiritual journey. In fact, I think this is all we’re left with. It’s important in this time because we’re not going to have a physical earth to reincarnate to and take our progress to the next level. While we may incarnate on another world, we will not be “human”. And with the track record of humans, maybe that’s a good thing.

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