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Subtle Body Energies: Clearing Blocks

Subtle Body Energies: Clearing Blocks There is good news and bad news with healing through chakra clearing. Ideally, you would want to see a very experienced medical practitioner who specializes in subtle energies (these aren't common by the way!) They are already highly developed and can see your blocks; can use their own energies to remove them; counsel you on your own limited thinking; and have full comprehension of what colors, sounds, and crystals to use. If you have the money and opportunity, I highly recommend you use their expertise. A fully qualified healer will know how to heal through all seven subtle bodies! This isn't just clearing chakras on one level, it is through all seven levels and each level has different requirements.

The good news, is that we can still do basic things to work on our own chakras and subtle bodies.

Accepting, Experiencing and Letting Go
This is optimal if you are with a gifted healer. Here they run their hands on each side of your body (as your chakra vortexes exist on both sides) and when they discover a block, they will try and regress you to the point where the block started. They will ask you to reflect on the block, the associated feelings, and use guided imagery discover the starting point of this block in this life. And often, they will discover that the block actually manifested in another life and work with you to remove that old block as well.

Ịf you are doing this on your own, and sense a block, enter a deep state of meditation, and try to discover where and when this block started. Let yourself go through the emotions of that block (be prepared for all sorts of things to come to the surface such as rage, fear, sorrow, etc., but don't suppress them!) Let them out, feel them, forgive any person's that were involved, including yourself, and let the negative emotions convert into love and compassion. Once they are converted, and you feel the new feelings, let it all go.

Crystals can be used for healing, cleansing, charging and developing your chakras. Just hold the stone over the affected chakra (or lay it on the chakra itself), relax, and meditate on the crystal. Bring its energies into your chakra and visualize the healing properties of it. Check the chakra link for which stones to use.

Whenever I am working with my chakras, I use visualization. I visualize white light coming into my chakras, swirling around, or pollutants leaving them. Visualization is a powerful took that can be used in many ways. I also visualize my lotus petals (chakra vortexes) opening up and receiving energy.

When you use visualization with the corresponding chakra color, always remember to breath deeply, and make sure that the color you are using is translucent, not muddy. Make the color, in your mind's eye, very bright, like stained glass when the sun is shinning through it. Colors vibrate at certain frequencies, and to hold this color, mentally within your chakra, is to help the chakra vibrate at its proper rate.

Consider using symbolic imagery with your visualizations. For example, when I want to work on my heart chakra, I will think of something that I love like nature, birds, or the people I hold dear. After I have both a clear picture of that entity, and the love emotion behind it, I will then bring that powerful energy into my affected areas.

It has been shown that sound actually can produce the corresponding color in the aura. Not only do certain pitches produce specific colors, but they are very good for healing. Some people use crystal bowls to create each musical note. Some people just use their voices. If you were to see a professional, they would hold the sound over the chakra until they witnessed it starting to spin and vibrate with the sound until resonance occurred. See the chakra section for corresponding musical notes.

Affirmations help us rebuild negative thought patterns. For every negative thought (which build blocks within us) work on a positive affirmation to counter it. You may use affirmations such as: "I allow the love emotion to flow easily through me." Or "Sex is a healthy expression between two people in love."

This actually helps spread energy throughout the body. Since it's difficult to perform this yourself, get a deep tissue massage from a qualified masseuse. For the areas you can reach, massage gently to help spread your energies.

Effects from Opening a Chakra: Unblocking the chakras is much like a person who is fasting. All the debris comes to the surface, which can be initially unpleasant.

Often when we start to open a blocked chakra, we will experience pain in that vicinity (we also can experience pain in that area before we unblock it). You can massage the area to help its release, while placing your consciousness into it, and allow yourself to feel the corresponding energy. The skin color may change slightly as well, but it will return to a more healthy glow once the chakra is functioning properly.

It is also common to feel depression; listlessness; experience erratic behavior; feel disoriented etc. But this is temporary.

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