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Subtle Body Energies: Kundalini

This is a Sanskrit word meaning "circular power." Kundalini is known as the life-force, or energy, that flows through us all. If we have blocks, then the kundalini cannot flow as easily. If you were to cut off blood to a limb, it would turn blue and die. This is the same with Kundalini. It needs to flow for us to reach optimal health. The natural flow of energy is upward, starting at the base chakra. Working with your Kundalini helps remove blocks in the process.

Subtle Body Energies: Kundalini Kundalini lies, somewhat inactive, at the base of the spine. There are books out there that deal with Kundalini and I suggest if your serious about this, pick one up. Don't take this as nearly enough information! Ịn fact, they often warn of releasing Kundalini on your own, because of the side effects, which depend entirely on where you are with your spiritual development, your body's toxicity level, how deep your chakras are blocked, etc.

To start the flow of Kundalini, lay down flat on your back, body straight (no pillow). Concentrate on the area around your base chakra (behind the vicinity of your genitals). Begin to breathe deeply and then tighten and release this area a few times. Visualize the Kundalini coming into the end of your spine (your tailbone area). Because the Kundalini is coming from the root area, it is reddish orange in color. Use this in your visualization as you move it up your spine and out the top of your head (through the crown chakra). You may experience heat (Kundalini fire) so don't be surprised. I get this unintentionally during deep remote viewing and it gets so hot I feel like I'm about to ignite! If you feel the Kundalini stop somewhere it is because of a block. Let it be! It is actually working on the block. After you feel it start to move again, continue bringing it up the spine as mentioned before.

As with chakras, there are side effects from this as well (as it is unblocking your chakras during the process). Another side effect from Kundalini release is an increased sex drive.

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