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Ascension: Doomsayers

The sky is falling! Or so they say. I have relayed the importance of conquering fear in several of my articles, but I wanted to tackle a different approach today on this important issue. Anyone who spends time watching news of any kind, will be faced with a myriad of doomsday scenarios. Over the last year I've read about how NASA is only aware of a small percentage of the comets in the night sky and that we're sure to be hit with one in the future; how a nuclear attack on American soil is "imminent", how ravishing the forests of South America will unleash a global killer virus; how eating, smoking and drinking this and that will cut our lives short; the next "mother of all earthquakes" is sure to hit; the disintegrating ozone layer; solar flares; blah blah blah!

Ascension: Doomsayers The fact is, physical life is frail and wrought with peril. Avoiding this city, that beverage, or building an underground shelter can only (and I mean only) possibly delay what will eventually happen anyway. The people who run off to Montana will probably die far sooner from a heart attack over their stress than any invasion. The act of evading and preventing a certain scenario is probably far more harmful than the uncertain event itself.

This doesn't just apply to the non-spiritual person either. Ịn fact, I think this especially applies to religious and new ager types. Except they scare you at the soul level, which to me, keeps fear chained to you for a lot longer. It's either Satan is coming, Armageddon, or the 4D shift will leave all you "undeveloped" types stuck in some lower astral hell. The fact is, no one gets stuck anywhere for eternity. All of us have the chance to grow and ascend (and even do it all over again) should we wish.

Fear is about control. If I scare you, then I have control over you. I can make you buy my pill, my bomb bunker, or my religion.

Life beyond the physical is eternal. Free yourself by letting go of the fear that makes what time we have here unpleasant. Don't look to the future with troubled eyes, but focus on the now, for the "now" is all you really ever have. Your spirit cannot die, and worrying about your physical (and even spiritual) disintegration happens a lot quicker when you focus on it, for what we dwell on, we manifest. As was once quoted to me from my first spiritual teacher, "We all die of something, does it really matter what it is?" Stop running, stop hiding, stop stressing. It's a waste of your energy. However, this does not mean be careless to yourself and others in the now. It means be considerate and wise, for it's more than fear that can slow or detour our progress of enlightenment.

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