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I Believe I Met My Daughter In Her Pre Birth World


I know it says no dreams but I think this was more of an experience than a dream. I remember being somewhere white. It was very peaceful, very calm and I felt like i'd been there before. I felt very happy being there even though it was nothing just white surrounding me. There seemed to be a bright light far away from me and it got closer. A figure walked out and it was a little girl. Maybe about 8 or 9. She had brown curly hair past her shoulder and wore a bow in her hair. She had a purple pinafore dress on with a white blouse underneath. I couldn't get a proper view of her face it always seemed a little out of focus. When she walked up to me I felt a rush of love and a need to protect her. I don't know why. She took my hand and said "lets walk". As we set off things started to appear. There was road with a zebra crossing and a small bench next to it with some old fashioned lamp posts near. We were walking next to the road and I said to her where are we? She said "We're at nowhere." I didn't understand and said to her "what do you mean?" She said "we aren't anywhere. We are in limbo." We were both quiet for a few moments we were just walking hand in hand, on one side of the road but for some reasons we could never walk past the zebra crossing. It was always there. I said, "who are you?" and she said "your going to be my new mummy. My spirit mummy said I needed someone who was going to look after me well and love me. Not like the last mummy I had on earth. And she picked you. She said you needed me so you could be happy again and have someone to love and who would love you."

The light appeared again but on the other side of the zebra crossing. We stopped and she turned to me and said, "i have to go now. Please don't follow me because my family says your not allowed in our world right now because your not ready. Stay here and you will be taken back to Earth." She started walking across the road towards the light. I really didn't want her to leave and was shouting for her to stay with me and not to leave. I tried to shout her name because for some reason I felt like I knew it, but nothing was coming out. Just before going into the light she turned around and said, "don't worry mummy i'll be with you soon. Look forward to march." Then she disappeared. Everything else disappeared and I was back in bed. Then I was only 6 weeks pregnant and the estimated due date was in february. A the twelve week scan it turned out the was the 30th February. And Violet was born on the 9th of March. Now she is a happy 1 year old and has changed my life all together. Before I was suffering from severe depression and would regularly cut myself and tried to commit suicide a few times. She has made me so happy and I look forward to my future now. She has brown curly hair just like the girl and they both have the same face shape. I don't know where she has gotten it from but she has started pointing towards the sky at night and says mama and sometimes she crys a little. I firmly believe that I went to another place and met my future daughter in her spritual form. Just thought i'd share it. And I also what to know if this has happened to any other people.

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SolitudeBluebell (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-09-24)
Aw wow that is adorable! I bet she will look exactly the same when she's 9...Maybe try and draw it in a diary? Or write her a letter about it for her to read when she's older?

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