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Hard To Believe But True


I personally have never encountered so called ghosts, spirits or whatever one terms them as. And I really don't know what to believe.I've always said I will believe in them only if I've seen one. I did have a strange incident once. This was in 2005. My case did become a learing experience for a lot of doctors in pune as I was administered a certain life saving drug for the first time in Pune.

I was diagnosed with septocemia or blood poisioning. And was put on the ventilator in ICU of Jehangir hospital pune as most of my organs had failed. I had been sedated for the entire time that the doctors had put me on life support. When I did eventually revive back the initial few days were a blur! I was eventually shifted to the room. I was very quiet as there had been a dream that seemed so true that kept bothering me! My mum, sister kept asking me what was the matter. I told them that I had a very strange dream. I was alone in the most beautiful surroundings. Open fields. Comforting silence. There was a plane and I go and sit in it. I felt I was waiting for eternity when someone came to where I was sitting and I ask him why are we not taking off I remember very distictincly he said we have not got clearence yet. When they heard this they gave each other a strange look and I knew that something was on their mind. On my insistence that is she hiding.

Ssomething from me. My mum told me that I had been in life support since a month and that about 10 days prior I was very critical with no pulse or heartbeat the doctors managed to revive me back! Of course after that the icu chief from lilavati bandra as flown to pune and he told the doctors to here to use that drug! Well family would always want to presume that a guardian angel was looking after me and may be my time was not done so I came back. Was it the heavy medication. The artificially induced coma or an oxygen deprived brain playing tricks. Some questions can never be answered and I do remain skeptic inspite of actually feeling that life like dream. Is there life after death. Do we really go to that peaceful and comforting place (I would go there anytime).is it science or paranormal. I really wonder! Admin thank you for letting me share this!

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-29)
Thank you for sharing and well done on your comeback! Welcome back to earth

There are literally heaps of people that wonder what happens in a coma.

Share your story with the proper person.

A few years ago I was undergoing the early stages of shamanic activation.

Long story short someone went into a coma.

I felt such sadness for them I found myself entering their minds and encouraging them to wake up. I brought other shamans with me and one helped them all night.

A few days later this person was planned to have life support turned off. But we had done this. So when visitors saw them they woke up, just a few days before it.

I cried so many happy tears. We all did.

They now have a full life.

So I believe 100% the person is still in there.

Because you didn't want to be in the coma, it was an unintended consequence of an illness, you were very motivated to get out of the coma.

You didn't want that plane to take off. You called in your Angel's and they showed up.

They came to you as your family, doctors nurses. Whispering in your ear that you are loved.

They showed themselves to you in your dream. They said "dont let this plane take off".

It was close for you but everyone motivated to keep you alive.

And you are here today as a result.

Congratulations and well done.

I am happy for everyone that recovers.

Comas are not ordinary sleep. But you are still there dreaming.

Thank you its important doctors know this.

Because you see in very rare cases they might want do not resuscitate, might sign something to say this thinking it's over.

When reality is far more flexible than this. We need to know how to find ways to communicate with the comatose. It's not easy, or even considered possible because it's a coma.

Yet you and I both know the person is still alive and there is still hope.

You can help save lives if you want to. Learn about this. Teach about this.

Namaste / Salaam

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