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Like An Out Of Body Experience But Different


This has now happened on 2 occasions within a few days. I was simply walking to my bedroom when all of a sudden things went a little foggy. As I walked through the rooms they became unfamiliar to me as though I was a stranger to my house and even as though it was not me walking through the house. My head felt weird and I am not sure if it was because I felt a slight panic or what exactly it was but everything around me like furniture, my bed, the paint colour and the curtains were totally unfamiliar to me. Even though I was walking and moving forward I could not feel my body moving but could just see that I was moving toward the rooms. I felt really exhausted after this had happened and did not like the feeling of being out of control.

I would not have worried too much and shrugged it off but it happened again a few days later. This time I was at a child's play centre. I had been there for about an hour sitting in the same area and got up to move forward and then the fogginess came over me again and I thought to myself oh no not again and not here. The similar thing happened where everything was no longer familiar as if I was seeing it for the first time. Once again I felt quite panicky, particularly because I was in a public place and because I could not feel myself moving but knew that I was. Once again I felt really worn out and was very glad to leave the place and go home. I am worried about it happening again and particularly if I am driving or somewhere public.

I have looked up 'Out of Body Experience' but this doesn't seem to fit with what was happening to me. Any people with similar experiences?

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-29)

Whether or not its connected to an energetic attachment or not is debatable

Do cleanses and warnings

They need to know you are a single soul occupancy and they can only communicate when you sit down and journal

If they don't need help or lie to ya or try fogging a single time again after you say no

Banish them

Any further issues see a counselor about dissociative symptoms

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