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This happened 8 years ago. My cousin passed away and I felt a pull that night, I literally went to the corner of the ceiling and can see my body and my wife next to me asleep, I felt like I was mumbling and trying to wake up, and immediately my wife turned around to try to get me to wake up, then I woke up and asked her, were you moving me, she said yes. I told her I could see you from the corner. It was scary for me,.

2 weeks ago. My Boss passed away at night time. Me not knowing yet the bad news, that morning around 5 am, I get up to the bathroom. And when I come back to bed, I turn facing my wife in bed. And begin to go to sleep, I then feel a pull from behind me, something dragging me out of my body. I got scared and begin to pray in bed. I know it was him coming to say good bye, because it was the same feeling as my cousin when he passed.


My boss was from Jerusalem. He believed that 2 angels walked with you day and night, good, and bad. And both would report to god, when you sleep they would take your soul to heaven, and when you wake up they would deliver your soul back to your body.

Its what's he called when you slept its like dying. And like the speed of light if they wake you, your spirit would come back. He was extremely knowledgeable. He studied a lot of bibles out there.

He also mentioned, our bodys are hosts. Like our spirits are the drivers operating a body made of water and meat. And we are here for a few years, almost like experimenting. Our lives are written in a book, god reads the book at the end. We die, our spirit then roams for the next day or 2. Then its like you go to sleep and when you wake up in heaven in the final day, you think ohh, a few hours just passed, was I sleeping. But he said thousands of years are left behind us and now is the day of judgment. He also mentioned when you are dead and buried, if you call your loved one, god sends the spirit to the body in the tomb and your loved one can hear you talking to it.

At his burial. The priest gave an interesting story.

We have 3 journies,

1. In the womb of our mother waiting to be born.

2. When we are born and get older living life

3. When we die and go to the next life.

To them is like, normal. So I don't think I will b afraid any more after all I learned from him.

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mercylinkia (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-24)
This whole life is actaully a test for us and its results come at the time we get die (thats all I know)
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)

Your emotional connection to your cousin caused temporary energetic mirroring


Was he a bit of a bossy boss? Doesn't have to rip you out to say goodbye? Maybe that's all he knew

Timing of movement of spirits
Varies by custom and spirit
Been able to speak to spirits deceased 20 years or more
Its difficult to discern but 2 days is a bit of a small window. If they need longer to do business, they're going to take it

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