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Saw My Soul Leaving My Body


I have had an experience where I actually felt myself being stretched and pulled away from my body, It happened back in 2005 or 2006. I was addicted to drugs and staying in this crack-house with other addicts and had made this place my home after losing everything including my life with my children for a couple years. I was at my lowest point, I had been prostituting myself to pay for my habit of doing crack then it graduated to where I was shooting up cocaine. I hated my life and didn't care if I lived or died, I had been in very dangerous situations with a guy putting a gun to my head, then I had this guy hold me hostage with a knife, and also had been raped by this guy going around killing women and raping them, I always wondered how in the world did I survive all this? I told the guy with a gun to go ahead and shoot me, I didn't care, I even started laughing hysterically and he decided he wasn't going to kill me and asked me for a cigarette and we both set there and talked about our bad situations, anyways i'm getting off the subject sorry, anyways back at the crack-house I was sitting at a big round table down stairs, had been up for day using drugs, there were a couple of other people sitting at the table also using. So as I'm sitting there all of a sudden I felt myself stretching slowly away from my body, I could actually see my soul strecthing out across from where I was sitting and it frightened me so, I was thinking oh my God what is happening? Why am I leaving my body? I looked over at my body sitting there wanting to get back, then the next thing I knew I was back in my body. It happened very quickly the going back in part, but when I was leaving my body that part was in slow motion. After that happened I questioned myself and somehow turned my life around, got off the streets and got off the drugs without rehabilitation or anything, this man who I had been going on dates with/ my John ended up making me want to live again, he got me off the streets and we moved to the country away from everyone and I have been clean now for almost 10yrs. I always wondered why I was still here on this earth, why I was given another chance, and I truly believe God had a plan for me and that's why I survived a very hard life. And I believe the reason I am still here is because I have a 3 year old grandson who has autism, I have been raising him since he was a month old, his mother/my daughter is on drugs herself now and his father is in and out of jail constantly. So I believe that was a wake up call from God himself letting me know it's not your time to go, your needed here on earth for a little longer. And that is why I think I died for a few minutes without knowing so God could give me a wake-up call to get my life together, because he had plans for me. This experience has never ever happened but that one time, but it was so vivid and so real it stayed with me and never left my thoughts

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)

It was the drugs and trauma

Glad you are out of harm's way

Drugs can be doorways

But you don't want to walk down them as you know it can lead to the crack house

See a counselor and try meditation

To keep balanced

You might long time away have experienced without drugs but if u in a better frame of mind you will be safer

Wait until u get safer and stay clean

Good job on getting clean
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)

Pain can lead to dissociation which can lead to OBEs (out of body experience)

Find another way to cope with pain and call yourself back in
Zozo (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-21)
Iwas hsd a terrible flue so one night I could feel my soul fighting to leave my painful body my body resisted to lrt my soul go and I was in excruciating pain beyond discriotion until in the end my soul won I could see my soul floating above my body what does this mean
Diane Agapetus (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-20)
I had heard about astral projection and was fascinated by that idea. Some years ago I was seeing a hypnotist. I heard about flotation tanks. I layed in a bathtub and saw something leave my body shaped like my head and torso that's all that left my body
This was in 1982. I never got that part of me back. I really felt that I did something wrong. I was very depressed. After the experience I didn't have thoughts in my head. Sometime later I was able to think again. I really felt that I had lost my soul for good. I am 66 years old now. Thank U for letting me share my experience
Cecilia (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-18)
I am on this page because I had a similar experience today. In my case, I saw myself in our village house where my parents currently live. But in the dream/trance, no one was in that house. I didn't know where they all went to. Then l left the sitting room and went into my parent's room. As I entered their room, I saw two big beds and I was disturbed why there were two big beds next to each other in their room. I decided to return back to the sitting room. As I made my way back to the sitting room, I saw my body standing there at the center of the sitting room with my head bent down. I was frightened by what I saw. I moved over and touched my body but it did not respond. There was no life to it. Something now told me inside that I was dying. At the tought of that, I started crying and praying to God at the same time begging him to forgive my sins and spare my life. I told God I didn't want to die now. I remembered that I had money in the bank which no one new about and this became even more disturbing to me in the dream. I then decided to force my body with my spirit. I grabbed my body and held it so tight hoping that the two bodies will merge. Then suddenly the bodies merged. I was happy in the dream to see that I was able to merge my two bodies. As I turned around still in the dream, I saw some little children playing at the door of my parent's house... I called out to them but no one was able to hear or see me. I went over to touch them but I could not touch them. They were more like images I could not touch or hold. I started getting worried again... Feeling I was still dead. I started praying in different tongues to God... Also still praying and telling God that I don't want to die now and asking him to wake me up. Then I felt something within me saying I need to wake up from sleep. Suddenly I woke up from sleep and realised I was dreaming or something I can not explain.
As I got up, I looked at the clock... It was 5: 05am exactly.
I am really disturb with this experience
Can someone tell me what this means?
Terrie Simmons (guest)
7 years ago (2017-11-14)
I had an experience like that... But mind was totally different
.I was laying flat on my back... I was sleep... I actually seen my soul come out my body... It was strange cause 2 little angels took me to heaven. My life have never been the same since then... It made a complete turn around for the best... I never had a bad life... I don't tell to many people they think I'm crazy... Das I don't feel like l belong on this planet... Seems like I've live this life before... Can any body tell me what had happened to me... I think I know but not for sure
joni437 (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-16)
Hi Lisa, don't ask me why I am compelled after so long off reading this site that I came here tonite, but I am here, drawn to your story, I too had a out of body experience too, but nothing to do with anything near your situation, I was actually asleep in my waterbed with my husband, loved life, & was young. I can only think that somehow when we have these experiences that for some reason we are ready to explore the very personal question of life, if we make it far enough out the door I am told by others who experience this, we can actually ask what we seek & it is given to us. Whatever the reason for all this spiritual saga of life, I know we must speak life & goodness over situations, we must command it, I once was told 'In perfect love, there is no fear" Please try to feel this with every cell of your body, for yourself, your daughter, all the things that can be raised to fix themselves for their higher goods, that is the only thing that has saved me so much as to speak volumes over my own life... Sometimes the universe is very kind... I am. Love, comfort & healing to you & your family & situations...Joni

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