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The Flower Garden Of Souls


In December of 1989 I suffered through a serious illness. It culminated in a near death (like) experience. To tell the entire story would take a book, which isn't possible here. What I present to you now is one of the segments of that experience. As today is Christmas Eve, the timing is right and the subject matter perfect.

I understand that people of many faiths and nationalities may have access to what is said here. It is not my intent to offend anyone with this presentation. It is my absolute intent to write with clarity what transpired, to the very best of my recollection.

I had been sitting in a place of one-on-one teaching. It reminded me of the garden of Gethsemane, though this was a garden of stone. The stones were of various sizes, smooth and rounded, with most rather large. It was a comfortable setting. Jesus Christ sat in front of me, His head entirely enclosed in a small personal cloud. He sat to my front in the teacher's position, I sat in a place of learning. He had taught much and addressed topics important to Him. When finished, He summoned an angel and directed him to escort me to a different place, a real garden.

We walked what seemed to be be about 25 yards (23 meters) and came to a flower garden. There was an entryway with a sign overhead formed in an arch. I do not know what it said. We entered and stopped. I looked ahead and saw through the completely clear air a high mountain range in the distance. I could not tell the distance to the mountains. It could have been 50 miles (90 kilometers) or more. The mountain range ran to the left and right as far as the eye could see.

Rows of flowers began in front of me and ran in straight lines to the mountains. The flowers were of various types, making the garden a sea of multicolored blooms. There might be 3 rows of one type, to the left of those 40 rows of another, then 10 of something different. This arrangement continued without perceivable end, to both the left and right. The garden was impeccable, perfect in every sense, way and manner.

Slightly off to the right was a Gardner working diligently on a plant. The distance to the Gardner from where I stood appeared to be about 150 yards (meters). The angel and I turned right and walked about 15 rows, turned left and stood watching the Gardner, who worked with haste and determination. The angel told me to walk to the Gardner and observe what he was doing. The angel walked along behind me.

The Gardner was Christ. He told me to look down to the flower, to a particular bloom. In the center of the bloom I saw my own face. At the same time I looked out and up from the bloom to see myself standing there. It was an emotional moment for me and it took years before I could tell this without choking back my tears.

The flowers represented humanity, every tribe, tongue, nationality, ethnic group and individual. None were favored over another. All were loved and diligently cared for by Christ Himself.

The angel took me from the garden in a state of emotional shock. He led me to Christ, who was waiting.

Another time of teaching began. Christ told me that it may appear to the world that God is not active or involved with the world, that the world is out of control. That is not true. He is in complete control of mankind and the created world. He spoke of calamities, of loss of life, of storms, wars and tragedies. These things will happen. When we experience these terrible things not to fear or think there is no God. He exists, is actively involved and cares greatly for humanity and creation. The impeccable nature of the flower garden showed that He is energetic and diligent in attending to mankind. Do not lose heart, be comforted and have faith. Never lose faith because he IS there, and in control no matter the circumstances.

He told me to pass this message. Later, during the last portion of my NDE, He told me 3 times to write about this experience. I'm doing what I was told.

From my own perspective I will say this:

He knows who you are. He knew who I was and, frankly, I'm nobody.

He is in complete control despite appearances to the contrary.

Be of strong heart and good cheer because you are greatly loved.

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Acka (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-14)
Hmmm. I like this story. It reminds me of something similar, but in reference to becoming an independent adult living in boston, on my own for the first time. "My friend" (a special guide/messenger perhaps) advised me of the beautiful garden, but also cautioned me that there were 'little monsters' like troubles that can occur if you're not careful. But 'my friend' encouraged that I would make it...
Anonymous (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-19)
Thank you, K.

The story is not mine, it is yours. It is about you, and anyone else who cares to read it.

My experience lasted 35 or 40 minutes and consisted of many parts. What I described happened after being with Christ in a place of teaching, where I was told, and shown, many things. Then He directed I be taken to the garden I described.

When that experience was over I was again escorted to a nearby place, where Christ stood and spoke to me. He was very clear, though my words are inadequate. He wants us to know that He lives. He is in complete control. He has not abandoned the world and humanity to their own ends.

There will be hardship and difficulty in this life. There will be illness, accidents, catastrophes and death. There will be natural disasters and great calamities. The things that will be are those things we seem to hear about daily. Do not despair or be afraid. Do not let your heart be troubled. There is no need. He lives and is in perfect control of creation. There is no need to doubt or be fearful. The world is not out of control, though it seems to be. It is being managed by the most loving caretaker in existence. Be comforted by that knowledge.

He knows who you are. Rest assured, you are much loved. He sat me in his lap as though I were a small child and comforted me. We are all His beloved.

If you doubt or sorrow in your heart, cast it aside. Do not be afraid. He lives.
K__ (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-18)
How absolutely beautiful and involved. I've read and re-read your story many times, it being so inspiring and reassuring. Definately my favourite spiritual story, I feel like I'm there in the garden each time I read it. Thankyou.

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