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God Came To Me


God allowed me to experience Him, His Power and His Glory. I saw him with my own two eyes mixed in with his power and light that flooded through my entire body and covered the entire room I was in. I was tremendously blessed afterwards. I will tell you more in detail as I explain what happened. This happened to me somewhere between 2007 - 2008, one of those years. I was going through a lot with my ex wife and her family at the time. I went through the most hell a person could ever go through in their entire life. My ex wife and her mom maliciously caused me to get evicted from my place and I ended up staying with my ex and her family with our 2-3 month old baby girl. During the three months I was there, I went through so much, I began to have so many regrets that I ended up wanting to commit suicide for the first time in my life. On the particular day I experienced God, everyone was away from the house except for one person who was locked in his bedroom down the hall. I was in the bedroom, opposite side of the hallway at the time when I had made a decision to commit suicide. As I made my decision, I jumped out of the bed and rushed to the door. I was going to go to the kitchen and grab a knife or something to cut my throat. As I put my hand on the door knob to open it and leave the room, a voice spoke and said "PRAY!". Immediately, I burst into tears as I began to pray.

I cried and prayed so long as I were still standing by the door, my legs began to get tired. So, I got on my knees beside the bed and continued to pray. I couldn't stop crying as I prayed. My knees then began to hurt after awhile so I got up and laid in the bed and continued to pray while I layed on my back with the cover over my face. I called upon God using every name I knew. Jesus, Jehovah, God of Abraham, God who created the universe, God who created the grass, God who created me, etc. I begged God to come to me. I wanted to experience the God everyone sang about in the gospel songs. I wanted to have some real evidence of a God that could change my life. I wanted the loving God everyone talked about in church to love me. Soon after, a voice spoke to me through my mind while I was begging God to come to me and said "God ain't going to come to you!, real men don't cry!, Sissy's cry! Punks cry!, if God was going to come to you, he would of come to you by now!". After I heard that voice in my head, I began shaking my head "No" refusing to accept what the voice was saying and began to cry and pray even more. I don't think I cried this much when I was a baby I cried so hard and so long to where I was so wet, it seemed like someone had poured a bucket of water all over me. I refused to go another day without experiencing and having God in my life.

As I prayed the harder, I opened my eyes and saw an angel in the upper left hand corner of the room.

I closed my eyes and continued to cry and pray until I noticed a bright powerful light come rushing down towards me from above until it was completely flooding through my entire body and all around me. The power was so strong I can't explain it. It was like electricity or something. The light was so bright I could no longer see the room I was in. All I could see was this power as I felt it pouring inside and throughout my body. It was very bright and I could see into it without it hurting my eyes. The power felt so good and it was so incredibly strong I can't describe it. It was like electricity or something. It's very hard to describe. As I realized what was going on, I stopped praying and opened my eyes. Everything was still the same as if my eyes were already open. I realized something real was happening. I realized this was very real and I knew God was answering my prayer right then and there. I thought to myself "This must be God". I didn't know what else to think as I had never experienced such a thing before in my entire life. It was totally out of this world. It was not from inside this world. I layed there with my eyes open observing what was happening. And I began to try and think of the most important thing I could tell God. It must had been a million thoughts run through my mind I wanted to tell God but I couldn't think of the most important thing to say to God first, so my mind ended up in a traffic jam sort of speak and the next thing that happened after that was, a voice spoke to me and said "I know all your needs". This was so real it kind of scared me a little and I kind of felt my fear radiate around me somehow I can't explain it but after that happened, the power withdrew and pulled upward away from me and went back upward and left.

I sat up in the bed in disbelief to what had just happened to me. I noticed I couldn't feel my body. I began slapping myself in the face and pinching myself all over and I still couldn't feel nothing. I couldn't feel any pain I couldn't feel my body I felt so good I can't explain it I felt like a brand new baby or something. I turned around to the edge of the bed realizing that this had really just happened to me and realizing it was real. So as I sat there thinking I can't believe this just actually happened I thought " gotta smoke a cigarette on this one", so I got up out of the bed and grabbed one of my cigarettes and I lit it and began to smoke it. As I took the first hit of the cigarette, as soon as the smoke hit the back of my throat, I choked myself and coughed as if I had never smoked a cigarette before in my entire life. Immediately I knew God had done something to me. It was evidence that whatever had happened to me was real. So I remember putting out the cigarette and only telling a few people I had quit smoking but I didn't tell the story behind it because I was afraid everyone would think I was crazy or something so I kept the experience to myself. The only person I told was my wife but she didn't believe me.

Very soon thereafter it was time for the guy to go to his VA appointment. I'm speaking of the guy who was locked in his room down his hall the day I experienced God after failing to commit suicide. He had hepatitis C for 14 years he took lots of medicines for and maintained regular checkups. When he came back from his VA appointment I remember him hollering out in excitement to everyone in the house saying he had a law suite on the hospital because the doctors kept saying his tests came back negative over and over and over again for hepatitis c that he had been taking that medicine for 14 years for hepatitis c and they are saying he didn't have hepatitis c anymore. Not long after he called me in his room and asked me what happened in that room I was in the other day. I was still afraid to tell anyone then so I didn't tell him but he said he knew something happened in that room. He went on to say he was not asleep and he saw the bright light because it extended inside his room as it were happening and he knew something had happened in my room. He then told me he never had a relationship with God and he was afraid of going to hell. He said he had unforgiveness in his heart for a long lost brother of his and even though he didn't know where his brother was He wanted to forgive him anyway and He asked me to pray for his deliverance and for God to receive him when he did die one day. I didn't know what to do because I had never prayed for anyone before but I did pray and he gave it all to God and thanked me.

The next day I went across the street to the neighbors house to handle some business and the neighbor pointed out a blue house around the corner. He told me he felt like he needed to tell me the house was for rent. He went on to say even though there was no "for rent" sign in the yard he knew the house was for rent. He went on to say he did not know who owned the house but if I saw a man over there with a van in the driveway, that must be the owner and if you see him, just ask him about it. I told my wife about the house and later that afternoon, I saw a van parked in the driveway. I grabbed my wife and said "come on, that must be the guy let's go talk to him". We walked around the corner to the blue house and approached the man in the driveway asking him if he was the owner and if the house was for rent. He said he was the owner but he had already rented the house out, so I said thank you and turned around and walked away. By the time we made it to the edge of the driveway, the man hollered out "Hey!", We turned around and I noticed an unusual mysterious look on his face. He said "come here!". So we walked back over there and he said "you want to look at it anyway?" We were like "sure", and as confused as we could be. He showed us around the house. He asked, "do you like it" we said yes and asked "didn't you say you had rented it out already?'' He said "Yes but to be honest something had come over me as I were standing in the driveway, I don't know what it was but something come over me and I figured you needed the house more than the other lady did so here is the key, I am going to give the woman her money back today and tell her the house is not for rent and you can pay me whenever you have some money it can be two months from now I don't care if its twenty dollars it will be fine whatever you can pay. You can start moving your stuff in today if you like and move on in." He put the keys in my hand shook my hand. We turned around and walked back around the corner to my in laws house with my wife in disbelief to what had just happened. "I knew what happened because of what I had experienced the day before", I told my wife. "I knew it was God."

The next day I woke up happy. I woke up and got out of the bed in my in laws house and was excited to go to my new home to start getting it ready for my wife and I to move in. As I stepped out of the door to head to my house I saw a livingroom set sitting under my car porch... To be continued.

I have so much to finish saying about what God has done I cannot wait to tell you. Please feel free to contact me and leave any comments if you will. I have a lot to finish telling you but it will take me a long time to write but I will continue if anyone is intrested to know more of my story.


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Gayatrishiva (7 posts)
1 week ago (2019-02-11)
hey nice n lovely experience you are tpuched by God well I would love to hear your story

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