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My name is Derek Radcliffe. I have had some spiritual experiences in my life, but one stands out.

I was in Barstow California in a cheap motel room with my dad. I was in my early 30s (I'm 36 now)

Anyways, I was wide awake, when all of the sudden there appeared a being of white light on a throne of white light. He came closer and said "I need you to come back twice." Then he put me in a place of tranquility. I asked "why can't we feel this way all the time?" He replied "We tried it before, it's unstable, it collapsed.". Then he left.

That is all that happened. I wonder who that being on the throne was. I guess it was God. I was in a really low place in life when he came. I couldn't see his face through the light.

My physical eyes weren't what saw him. I remember looking at something in the room, and those eyes couldn't see him. My spiritual eyes were opened for this visitation. It wasn't an out of body thing. I've never left my body. It was very real though.

The place of tranquility had characteristics to it. It was orangish color and light pink, and was swirling with soothing words and voices. And I could tell it was collapsing.

When he told me he needed me to come back twice I could see these blueish orbs of truth on a wheel beneath his throne.

I thought after he said it that he meant I would have to die and come back twice, but I'm still not sure what he meant.

I went back to that motel twice, hoping to see him, but I didn't.

Could the readers help me try to figure out what he meant by come back twice?

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daffers234 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-17)
This is an interesting story, and I would like to help you, though I think it would help if I understood your perspective. Do you have any spiritual beliefs of your own? Do you follow a religion or faith of any kind?

Again, I'd like to help, and if you're open, I would like to share some of my spiritual beliefs as well. It may help put things in perspective or explain a few things. Feel free to email me, if that makes you more comfortable. I love to help others in their spiritual journeys.:)
D_M_Shiro (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-16)
I actually do believe your initial interpretation to be correct. "come back" usually refers to returning to God's energy, becoming a part of the whole. But in this situation, I think it was referring to the reincarnation process. We go to a plain (typically in the 9th Dimension) where we are helped to transition either to becoming a part of the whole, or choosing a new vehicle (body) to use. And the body is not always human, or even humanoid. We choose a new body because our soul's lifespan is not ready to have been completed (We need to learn something else, or we have made a mistake which must be repaid or changed by choosing to do so in the new life (as we often do not remember our past lives).

By come back twice, I believe that the being was attempting to communicate to you that your soul will be needed not just for one more return but two. Sometimes this happens not because we have done something wrong, but we either need to continue raising our vibrational frequency so we can cross over to be with the whole, or we are needed for a specific event or set of events in some lifetimes. So, essentially, this being may be using you to fulfill God's Will, you just have to be sure you're ready for it. And no, it may not even seem like that is what you are doing to begin with, but that is likely what was meant.

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