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Super Natural Experience With God


Im 26 years old. And I love jesus. It was 3am in the morning I began to pray to god about some things I was going through. I just began to speak his name Jesus over and over. I began to tell him the same power that cast out demons is in your name. I told him that is the same name I'm calling on now. I told him I want to feel his healing power on my mind. And I said by that I will know you heard me. I also said I'm not going to stop until something happens. That's when it happen. My eyes were closed and a warm heat and energy from my feet went up my body as I lay down all the way up to my head. My temperature began to rise and I went into a sweat. I actually needed a fan. But I kept saying Jesus. In my mind I was thinking shake this off. But I also thought this gotta be God so I'm not.

I laid there. I began to keep speaking Jesus."In the name of Jesus ". At the same time I'm thinking, "If I die at least I'm going with Jesus". This feeling lasted for about 4 seconds. I was still alive and began to question what just happened. This song played in my ear as I lay there amazed. ("He's in the room", "speak lord and", " I will answer","and I'll do","anything ", "that you ask me to","I just know that he's moving by his power," he's in the room"). Yep he sure was. He answered my prayers. Just want to say the father, son, holy spirit are real. This just happened tonight or this morning. Its dark out. I came online to see if I could find anyone who went through the same thing. And plenty of people have. Yippy!

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Ina (guest)
6 years ago (2018-09-05)
God bless your soul. You truly experienced Jesus... I will do that one day too. 😊

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