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The Awakening Sunset


I want to share with the world a series of beautiful spiritual experiences that eventually led to my soul's upgrade. It's the story of how my bodyware downloaded and installed the latest version of my selfware from the up-store.

One sweet Saturday afternoon in Cambodia, as I got back home, a fantastic sunset was drawn onto the sky of Phnom Penh. I felt an urgent desire to contemplate its beauty. I was in complete admiration of the sun disappearing through the horizon while painting harmonious colors on the sky: a mix of gray, white, blue and orange. I thought to myself: "this is the most beautiful work of art I ever seen". A kind of divine live performance art. It is there every day, yet few people can really see it. It reveals itself only to those gifted with upgraded eyes. Every sunrise and sunset are fantastic art spectacles. The sun is the divine artist. It never misses a performance, perfectly showing up at the right time and starting with a glorious beginning of the day. Then it spends all the day delicately nursing life through its rays wherever it shines. When it's time for it to leave the stage to its fellow camarade the moon, it disappears with an equally glorious end of the day spectacle. The sky is the stage while the sun, the moon and the stars are the artists. The audience are humans with upgraded eyes. Unique art shows are performed live on a daily basis, never to be repeated again. All you have to do is look at the sky to get access to the show wherever you are whenever you want. The stage itself is a work of art. You are never bored when you get the upgraded eyes. As I contemplated the live sunset art performance, a feeling of lightness was positively correlating with my admiration to the spectacle. The more I enjoyed the performance the lighter I felt. The harmonious mix of colors in the sky appeared as a painting of a divine artist. The painting was that of a peaceful ocean surrounded by mountains at the time of sunset. The more I looked, the more details I could spot in the painting and the clearer the picture became. I felt a joy and a lightness I rarely felt before. There was no other place I would rather be. I felt extremely thankful for that moment. I switched my gaze from the harmonious colors painted by the sunset to the dense clouds in the sky. An image started to gradually appear until it clearly showed an angel with giant wings. It quickly disappeared and another appeared. This time it's an image of the Buddha, then Shiva, then Hanuman. It was so beautiful and so real. I closed my eyes and opened them again. This time I saw the image of a baby innocently and peacefully sleeping. I was amazed and my jaw was literally wide open. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It felt like heaven. My first sunset performance seen through my upgraded eyes was a memorable experience. I went back to my room rejoicing the fact of being alive. It was enough for me to be alive to be happy. My ego tried some failed attempts to scare me but my inner self was much stronger to keep me from worrying.

The next day, I was looking forward to the upcoming sunset performance with the same enthusiasm of a kid looking forward to watching his favorite cartoon. After refilling my mind with some Shiva power, I set myself comfortable and ready to contemplate the sunset. The show was more spectacular than the previous. An art show combining beautiful paintings of nature, harmonious colors, images of animals, angels and gods appearing and disappearing onto the sky and birds gracefully dancing around. I was astonished! No words could describe the joy I felt at that moment. That night, I slept like babies sleep in the loving arms of their mommies.

On Monday and after a happy day at work, I went home just in time to watch another episode of my favorite sky show, the sunset. It was mostly cloudy and the orange color was covering only a small portion of the horizon. I felt disappointed. My disappointment was immediately transformed into shame as I realized that the show was even more beautiful than the previous ones. How could I doubt the talent of a perfect artist? I apologized and got ready to contemplate the live art performance. It was peaceful, beautiful, joyful and heavenly. All the adjectives related to happiness and beauty combined together would not describe the divinity of the spectacle. I went back to my room with a feeling of extreme joy. I looked through my window and smiled at the tree that is facing it. That same tree I talk to everyday and sometimes dance for. So as I looked at that tree, I had a life transforming self-realization moment. I would call it an "I am" moment. It felt like something unlocked itself from my consciousness and flew away. It felt like I just upgraded myself to the purest version available to me.

A stream of thoughts started to flow in my mind: "I am the happiest person I know. I am the one enjoying each and every second of her life. I am the one who freed her mind from worries. I am the teacher who loves each and every student she teaches with no exceptions. I am the one who talks to ants and feed them. I am the person who is incapable of harming any living creature on earth. I am the one who talks to trees and flowers and tell them how beautiful they are. I am the one who everyday thanks the sun for shining on our planet and never missing its mission. I am the one who is in love with the best man she ever met. I am the one who is living the most romantic love story she heard of. Tears of joy started to drop out of my eyes and my heart started to beat faster. I took a deep breath then I looked around me: posters of Shiva and Ganesh, the statuses of Buddha and hanuman and the flag of Tunisia were decorating my room. The stream of thoughts was back: "I am the one who freed herself from all the mental slavery she had to endure in Tunisia. I am free and happy. I am awakened to the beauty of life. I have complete trust in the universe and the way it is leading my life. I love this universe as a mother loves her child. I am divine".

Minutes later, I woke up from my state of trance. I felt as if I were born for the first time. I realized that I won an important battle against my ego. The self-realization helped me to chase away what remained of my self-destructive ego. In fact, as I evolved with myself inside my body, I was radiating with love and compassion to all what surrounded me except myself. I treated everybody with the best way I could, except myself. I had the last manifestation of my surviving ego showing up only when I was alone. So my solitude moments were an opportunity for my ego to try its best to survive throughout several techniques. Scaring me, producing negative thoughts, making me think low of myself and generating past and future related thoughts were among its most successful techniques. I was the toughest I could be only with myself. Fortunately. I was aware of that and I did my best to fight this surviving part of my ego. After I realized that I am who I am, I entered into a complete harmony with myself and my body. I can strongly feel the self-victory. The war is over and the self is now in perfect control of the territory of my body and thoughts. From that moment on, I have started to unconditionally love myself and giving it the best treatment and the nicest words. Each second of my life feels the happiest I have ever been.

Peace and love to all,


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Solitude (guest)
5 years ago (2019-09-24)
The first story I have read with Ganesha, Shiva and Buddha:D
I have a ring with Ganesha on it, A spoon, fork and a statue of Shiva on it and a ring and a necklace and statues of Buddha:)
Thanks for sharing this story with us:) Love + light x

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