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I haven't been to church since my husband died 12 years ago, but have never lost my faith in Jesus Christ, my Savior.

The experience I had was over a week ago. What kind I can't explain.

Last Tuesday morning when I woke up, I had an overwhelming need to read my bible. While reading St.John, the phone rang and it was my daughter and she asked "what are you doing"? "Reading the Bible", I answered, she asked, "any reason, because you never read the Bible any more". There was a pregnant pause on my end of the line, then I spoke, "because", not really knowing why myself.

The next night at 8:00, I was watching TV, flipping through the channels searching for something interesting to watch. I kept flipping past this particular church sermon, on the second or third time passing the serman, something made me stop and watch. I watched the entire service and afterward I felt so good. (Hard to explain) because it was a new feeling deep inside that I had never experienced. That night when I said my usual prayers, I shared my expierence and feelings about the serman with the Lord. The next morning around 8:00am, the phone rang and it was my daughter telling me that a family member had died the night before, and I asked, "what time did she pass". She said, "8:30 last night, why"? I shared with her my experience and her response was, "how wierd".

I have no where to go with my story, but, had to share it.

If by chance, this gets read, pls. Share w/me what you think. Do you think it was something that cannot be explained.Don't want to hear the usual cliches. I am 69 years old, and would like to hear something refreshing out of the box. If not, please do not respond.

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SiennaRose (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-08)
I think that you received a blessing because you sound like a special and lovely lady. Thank you for sharing x
The-Listener (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-28)
Well, your story has a ring of eternal truth to it, that I have seen before surrounding death. I have come to conclude that when a loved one passes the "veil" between this life and the next is somehow very thin. Some amazing things happen when the veil is very thin.

You also have a good and close relationship with God, to whom you pray. But you have not gone to church. If this were my story, I might see a pattern here... Your daughter called, which got you talking about the Bible. You felt compeled to watch the sermon, based on scripture. This made you feel wonderful... You then had the family loss to add weight and impact on it all, as you were "tuned in."

You are connected, open and available. Now what do you do? I often feel better when I have other like minded, God focused friends to share with while on my journey. Keep listening to the with-in, and look for more of what brought you joy... Follow the joy!
magikflute (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-15)
God works in our lives in odd ways sometimes. He prepares us for sorrow, if we are open to His voice. He comforts us; He prepares us to do battle. I think this was the Holy Spirit leading you to prepare for a time of sorrow; to learn something that you could lean on. I have leaned on Him constantly throughout my life and can testify that He is true to His promises.
radyance (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-15)
Beautiful story. This is how the Holy Spirit works within our lives daily, and it's the moments when we stop and pay attention to that inner feeling that we begin to notice it. The Holy Spirit connects us all, and God is urging you to notice the amazing grace available to you!

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