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In essence, the experience of Spiritual awakening is age unrelated, irrelevant. However, to serve the purpose of this story it is appropriate to say that i'm now in my twilight years. My first truely memorable Spiritual awakening takes me back to age 11 years.

'In the mind of' an 11 year old an experience is simply an experience. I say in the mind of, whilst on another level (soul level) the awareness process was gaining momentum with no anticipation nor understanding of Spirits guiding light.

MY EXPERIENCE; My day began like any other. The family and I headed off to Lane Cove National Park, New South Wales. We were meeting friends for a barbeque lunch. It was our first time at Lane Cove so my father drove and my mother navigated. As usual my mother failed to see the turn off and for many miles we were unable to turn back.

My father had become irritated and every couple of minutes he started babbling about never allowing my mother to navigate again. It was kind of funny but we'd heard enough.

Finally arriving, I couldn't get out of the car quick enough to check out this amazing place. It was picture postcard perfect, the river the trees, everything.

There was something especially alluring about the river, the whole scene.

It didn't matter to me that our friends had arrived. I felt particularly drawn to walk towards the trees and the river. There I found the perfect spot, made myself comfortable resting my body against a tree.

Even now there are no adequate words that can translate the feeling of sitting in a presence of pure peace and calm. If I said blissful or joyous, somehow those words fail to capture the feeling.

Time went by as though meaningless. It may have been 10 minutes or an hour, I don't know.

Without any warning the intensity of the sceneries' colour altered dramatically. No longer were the colours JUST greens and browns. My experience felt something to the effect of turning on a light switch and being transported into an illuminated room. Each area of the tree trunks had their own particular shade of colour as did their leaves. The array of shades, brown and green were endless, no two alike. At that age it could be comparable to a child being let loose in a lolly shop. Somewhere in the background I could hear my brother laughing but it mattered not. I remember feeling sorry for him for Whatever he was doing could not compare.

As I drifted further into a deep sense of wonder I began to see subtle waves of energy flowing from the surrounding trees into my body. This happened as if in a rolling motion with the energy leaving my body and then returning to the trees in a circular wave. These trees were as if a family to me. They were me and I was them and we were both one and the same. This memory is firmly seared in my being. As I write I can still feel and see the experience in my minds eye.

Again I heard the laughter of the other kids in the background. This time was different than the first. The feeling was that id'e had my fill. Overwhelmed with curiosity I needed to know why the other kids were laughing. I wanted to join them.

With no further thought for my situation I stood and began walking toward the sounds of laughter. As I entered the clearing I felt a sensation of my body feeling lighter than air. Thinking back I can only assume that I was highly ungrounded.

As I kept walking the first person I saw was my fathers best friend bending over the barbeque. Sitting near the barbeque was my wooden bat. Exactly why I don't know but I thought how extraordinarily funny it would be to hit his rear end with it as he bent over.

temptation got the better of me and I gave him nothing more than a little tap. As the bat connected he swang around and began to reel backward but regained his balance. the look of pain and horror on his face almost equalled my pleasure. even to this day I know that I gave him just a gentle tap but his eyes told me to run like hell. i wasn't really much of a runner but on that occasion and with him after me it felt like one of those do or die situations. i could hear my mother repetitively screaming "stop, stop, don't touch my daughter". as I became winded but still running I looked backward over my shoulder. He had stopped chasing me and was with my mother. In that moment I felt pure relief. the upshot was not good. My parents were furious and the day was all but ruined. for what seemed like forever I became the focus of unwanted attention. According to my mother he had never felt such agonising pain. again I can only make an assumption. i believe that my body had stored way more energy than it could hold at that time. The energy was then released in the moment that I tapped him.

moving along from my experience in the bush things had gone from one extreme to another. I was highly confused and could not share my experience with anyone.

a few days later I was doing what I enjoyed most, I was in the library. I was scanning the shelves for a good book and one stood out above the rest. It was a book about Buddhist belief. I quickly flicked through the pages and read a couple of paragraphs about reincarnation and the idea that our bodies are a vehicle for our souls. for some reason this belief rang of truth for me and I longed to know more.

At that young age I most definitely did not recognise my experience As a Spiritual awakening. It did however open the door to many more like experiences. Little by Little the pieces have been coming together.

Ironically, just a few years ago I heard on a documentary a strange ill fated story about a man and woman who died down by the same river At the Lane Cove National Park. This happened approximately one year after my own Spiritual awakening.

Their names were Dr. Bogel and Mrs Chandler. It seems they were having An affair and on a New Years Eve night were parked near the river. The following morning their naked bodies were found but with no Explanation to how they had died. The story rebounded for years and became an unsolved mystery. Their blood samples were kept by an American laboratory. Apparently As new technology evolved the laboratory retested their blood. According to the new findings they had been overcome by toxic fumes As a result of pollution in the Lane Cove river system.

Watching this programme I felt very sad for them.

I will always hold my treasured memories of that special place in my heart as it was intended.

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Martin (29 posts) mod
7 years ago (2016-01-21)
scarlett2, my fault, I got way to busy in the past years and had to put a few things on hold, but I promise to catch up 😉
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-19)
Dear Lucygirl18,
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and moving experience. You are such a gifted writer, your words truly moved me to tears. You, no doubt, have been very Blessed during your lifetime. Please, please share more of your spiritual insights and experiences! With us all!

On another note - I'm so happy this very special Web site ( is once again active! Especially after several "dormant" years in which no new stories were published. Yeah! 😁

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