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Pulled Out Of Body Then Dropped Back


So, I am currently in the hospital and yesterday while I was in the MRI machine I apparently fell asleep. I was in the machine for about an hour and a half and if you have ever had an MRI on your head, it can be quite relaxing with the humming and knocking noises... Especially when you have ear plugs in like I did.

So anyway, I felt a jolt and a seized of my body. I got really stiff, then I woke up and lifted my head a little only to realize that my body was still laying there asleep. I was laying in my body with my head raised. I tried to push the button to tell the MRI tech that something was wrong but I couldn't get my body to move. It was then that I felt something grab me by the lower abdomen. It felt as if I was being grabbed from inside my body. I began to feel a separation of my spirit and body. I could see & feel myself being pulled out of myself. I felt afraid and I did not want to go but I was being pulled regardless. I didn't speak the entire time. Then through the speakers of the MRI machine I heard the technician say in a bright cheery voice, "Okay, we're all done!" and instantly I was let go and I dropped back into my body. It was almost like a tug of war type thing and the other side let go. This has never happened to me but while it was I thought "Oh, no! It's death!" I fought to stay in my body because I thought I was dying.

I'm not in the hospital for anything extremely serious and I have had numerous MRIs. Anybody have any idea why it would happen to me or what may have been pulling me and why? Are there questions I can ask myself to figure it out? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Ekta (guest)
6 years ago (2018-01-14)
Last night, I was really upset... This upset that, in my thoughts I requested god to take me away with him... I cried a lot and do not know when and how I fell asleep... Well, what happened next was really unusual for me... I was pulled out of my body... A strange force was taking my spirit away from the body... I knew I am lying on my bed and my spirit was heading upward towards sky... Just like rocket goes up... I experienced the speed by which I was heading towards the sky... I knew I am dead... My mind was still working... I was not sleeping... I was ready to be taken away by god... In that extreme forceful air I put my hands up... Gave it to my god... It was not at all painful... During this journey I thought of my parents sleeping in the other room... I let go my self... I was ready to leave them forever and meet my entity... Also, I was reminded of my love by my mind... However, I was not ready to say no for this journey... I wished to go with this strange force... I could feel I need to cover this journey and I left my body quite far... Suddenly my heart wanted to see my brother for one last time... Yes... I urged to just see him once... Only my brother not anyone else... Though I was still ready to go but I wanted to open my eyes and see my brother from far... But I could not open my eyes... I remember my spirit used hands and with the help or my fingers I tried to open my eyes but it was not possible my eyes were closed and I could not open them... My hair were flying in the air and the speed was increasing... But the urge to see my brother one last time took over my decision to give up on my body and I said god no I do not want to die... Because my brother would not be able to live without me... Just when I said no I was smashed back into my body... It was like a free fall and I felt going back into my body... My back is still paining... I could open my eyes after that... It took me sometime to realise I am alive... Somehow I got up from my bed and I could feel the weakness of being smashed and that force... I saw my brother sleeping peacefully... It was my last wish... But now I know that I will live for few more years now... I do not know how do I have this feeling of living fee more years now.

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