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Strange Out Of Body Occurence


I have been a medium ever since I could remember, and also can sense things wrong and etc. I was wondering if you guys could help me with something I have experienced that has been bugging me... I was laying down, and I had barely just laid down before I had seen my body from the outside and then this guy I have seeing around me lately came into my room looked at my spirit outside my body, then he kissed me saying "Man, you're so troublesome". I pushed away, and I went back into my body right after and the I proceeded to wake up. When I woke up I saw him standing in front of my window, then he disappeared. I was wondering what had happened and why it happened. I have been seeing him for a while now, and weird dreams.

I can have out of body experiences and seem to control them but whenever I do have them he is always there. I have heard weird whispers in my ear like "you miss it" which could be referring to reading and getting into supernatural stuff, since I have quit recently. Whenever he comes to me, he has brown hair, tall, hazel eyes, and is always wearing a Victorian age type get up. I have weird dreams such as getting stabbed, by him but its not me, just a girl I see who looks a lot like me and he'll say "with the blood of another Amelia" I hate it and want him to stop, but nothing I try works and I can't help whenever I astral project, like I can't control it, it just happens... Lately though, He seems attached to me for some reason, but why? And how did this happen? Many other things have happened but this one bugs me the most. Please help explain this to me:/ (I'm a teen by the way)

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