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Disappointment Saved My Life


A few years ago, I got involved in some heavy drinking and smoking a substance called K2. After work every night I would join my friends and drink and smoke continuously for roughly 6 hours or so. This habit played out for nearly 8 months. One night, after smoking for a few hours already, I had begun to grow cold. I asked my friends if they were cold too but they said they felt just fine, so I did I best to ignore the feeling. I'm not sure how much time had passed before I began to shiver. I felt like I had spent some time outside in the freezing winter. I again asked my friends if they were even the slightest bit chilly and they all hazily said no.

That is when I feared that something was wrong. I didn't feel quite right, like I was suddenly being drained. I remember lolling my head to the left and saw myself looking back at me. I was shocked for a moment and assumed that I was hallucinating so I continued to stare at "me" until I suddenly felt sleepy. I was fighting to keep my eyes open and I noticed a look in my eyes; disappointment and sadness. I then knew that the feeling of being drained was my soul leaving my body. I felt a shallow thump in my chest upon realization and climbed to my feet as fast as I could. The simple act took all the energy I could muster up. I swayed and took a deep breath. Never had air felt so good filling up my lungs.

I don't fully understand how I pulled myself back from death but I'm grateful that I did. I was mere seconds away from being nothing more. That was the last time I touched the substance. It was a definite eye opener that I was literally throwing my life away for a high.

I've only ever met one other person who experienced the sudden cold sensation of being drained but it happened when a family member passed away. It's something I don't want to experience again, at least not so soon.

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