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Saved By Grace


My aunt grace had just died at home, later that day I was at home on the computer when I got a feeling of happiness and I started to uncontrollably smile and right then I felt an energy come from above towards the top of my forehead, and my forehead raised up to except the energy. And as that happened everything I was looking at disappeared and I was suddenly standing in front of a group of passed loved ones, family, friends and animals too. They where In a group except for my late father he was on my far right side trying to say something to me - I smiled and told him I knew but just then my aunt grace grabbed my attention back and I smiled at her, I know she had put him there or else he would steal the show on her (brother and sister still joking with each other even after life on earth)! But she told me to tell her daughter that she was fine and I told her I would - but all this communication was done not with my mouth but with our brains instead which felt normal for me to do, I don't now why? And as fast as they took me I came back just as fast and my eyes came back a few seconds later and I was back sitting in front of the computer with the biggest smile I had ever smiled. And right then I knew where they took me "it was home" - I know now that earth is not my home, it is a place where I must be to grow my spirit, in other words "to do my time" but I know I am going home if I do right on earth! I wish everybody could have this experience like I have had the pleasure to have if anyone has had this kind of thing happen to them please let me know I feel alone with this. God bless all

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