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Saved from Blindness with Prayers


In early 1980's I went to my eye doctor, Dr Winkle (I always thought that was a good name for an eye doctor) for an eye check up. I had been complaining that I could not see well in my right eye and could not figure out what was wrong with it.

He sat me down in the chair, looked into my eyes and put drops in them told me he be back in about five minutes. He came back in and looked into my eyes and kept saying "Hmmm Hmmm" I said "what does that mean that I am going to go blind? Or is that eye already blind?" He didn't answer but asked if I minded if the other eye doctor could look into my eye? I said sure.

The other eye doctor in that office came in and looked and well he did the same thing "Hmmm Hmmm". I said "okay now your freaking me out what is going on?" My eye doctor said he be right back, stepped out of the room and I heard him say to the other one "Do you agree on what I see?" the other doctor said yes. My doctor Winkle said I have never seen this before in all my years I been an Ophthalmologists.

He said he needed to call the head person of the department to see what he thought and what to do about this. So he did, that guy came in and looked and all three agreed they all seen the same thing. I am crying, I am frighten. Finally Dr Winkel said to me.

You have twenty Aneurysms in your eye, this is the most any of us has seen in our professions. We are not sure what to do at this point. The older man said he would be afraid to try and seal any of them off as just touching one of the others could cause a great loss of blood in the eye. That would lead to blindness and perhaps death.

I nearly fainted. I said after I felt better "how can this happen?" None of them seemed to know. So the elder of the three said they decided to just let it ride for a few months, see me back in about three months and see if any of them have went away so they could take some action.

Three months later, I went back to the doctor and he put in the drops and looked into my eyes and said "I can't believe what I am seeing?" I said "what is wrong now? Is there more then the last time? It seems to me I can see a bit better so what's wrong now?" He asked the other doctor to come in and look and he just said "Hmmm Hmmm". I said "you're freaking me out again what's wrong?" "Lets get the head doctor in here he would like to see this". So in came the elder doctor he looked into my eyes and said "That is impossible that just can't happen like that".

I said loudly almost shouting to them "What's wrong it's my eyes I have the right to know what's wrong now?" My heart is starting to beat fast and I am trying to calm down and then the three of them came back into the room at the same time and the elder doctor said to me "three months ago you had twenty Aneurysms in your eye and today there are none, and not only that there is no scars from where there ever was any. It's like they were never there at all."

I took a big deep breath to clean my mind and simply said "Yes it is possible with the Lord, anything is possible with him". I told them I been praying, my Church had been praying and my family prayed for me to let them go away and well prayers worked. My wish came true and now I would not be blind in that eye.

I left the office that day with a song in my heart, love of the Lord deep into my soul and knew I would not be blind just made me feel good all over.

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vivi (guest)
12 years ago (2009-01-15)
Thankyou for sharing your beautiful uplifting story. It served to remind me as to where true healing lies. Blessed Be
rhodes68 (10 posts)
13 years ago (2008-03-21)
That is a trully miraculous recovery Flutterofwings and one that should always assure you that as long as you hold Him dear to your heart, He will be there to protect you as a loving father would. How trully amazing!

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