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Dream of Jesus Helped with my Panic Attacks


I had been trying to ease up my panic attacks for a long time. They got so bad that I couldn't even go out in public places without having a panic attack. After that dream, my panic attacks eased up, I was able to go out into the public and do something again. I know this dream had something to do with the panic attacks that eased up so, I could be social again.

I think that satan in my dream was the panic attacks I was having, and then Jesus cast off satan out of me, so I could be somewhat free from the panic attacks. Now my panic attacks are lesser and lesser and don't last so long. I am so glad that Jesus cast off satan in this dream. Jesus is awesome.

I had this dream one night last year in 2007.

In my dream I was laying in a bed, the ceiling had these wood slats running across it. I kept looking at the slats as they were winding around the ceiling. Then one dropped to the bed and started to choke me with a tight squeeze around my body.

I kept shouting over and over "I'm Jesus child, I'm Jesus Child..." wood slats turned into a snake twisting and trying to kill me. Saying I am his and nothing can stop him from getting my soul. I just kept shouting as loud as I could "I'm Jesus Child, I'm Jesus Child..."

Then the snake turned into the wood slat and went to the ceiling. I got up walked out the door and there stood my Mom. I said "those wooden slats on the ceiling turn into snakes". My mom tells me that it is impossible. I said "look they are doing it now."

We peered between the top of the door to the ceiling and Mom seen them. She said I would be okay and to go back to bed. I went back to bed and kept saying over and over "I'm Jesus Child, I'm Jesus Child..."

Once I was back into bed, the wooden slat came down and twisted around my body again, it turned back into a snake. Just as the snake was about to snuff me out, a bright glowing light came into the room and was like a soft cloud that I was gliding on. I seen a figure kneeling on one knee with a bright white robe on, in which I could see light coming from it.

I said "Jesus thank you, thank you for taking me out of the grasp of the devil satan..." I told him I wanted to stay with him forever. He looked towards me and then told me "It's time for you to go my child, someone is waiting for you", I said "No I want to stay with you Jesus", I flung myself into his arms and asked please to stay with him. Once again he said "It's time for you to go my child, someone is waiting for you..."

I got up and stood looking at him and as I walked away I told him bye and that I loved him. I just kept looking until finally the only thing I seen was the glow where he had been down kneeling on one knee. The softness of his voice I could still hear but not see him no longer.

I woke up from that dream crying. I remember how he felt, how strong he was but also gentle and caring for my welfare. How I felt being with him, for him sparing my life for loving me so.

This dream I think of when I am feeling down. And how he loved me so, that he had to let me go. And from that dream I know I am NEVER alone he is always by my side. Loving me just the way I am.

My Mother died years ago but I do dream of her often and she seems happy in the dreams I have of her.

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Dave Ebbels (guest)
12 years ago (2008-11-08)
That is a wonderful story and makes me feel good when I read it. I am also having the most terrifying panic attacks for the first time in my life and find it impossible to cope with life when I am having one. But I am having spiritual healing for this and other spiritual problems I am experiencing and, although I havn't had them completely removed yet, I do sense the presence of a 'Jesus-like' or 'Angelic being' helping me through it and reducing thier severity. I think they will make me stronger in the the future (the panic attacks) which is why we are made to experience some degree of them, but there seems to be help & support from the spiritual realms if we really need it or ask for it.
Dave (Smurf)
Lisa (guest)
13 years ago (2008-03-09)
Yvonne, that is beautiful! I can just picture Jesus saying that to you. How you describe his personality is just the way I recall Him from some experiences I had. Strong, humble and gentle... And also a sense of the royalty of Kingship about Him... Yet without the snobbishness.


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