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Prayers and Believing Is All You Need


This took place in Michigan. Tommy was an older man, who lived by what he believed in. Prayers is all you need to make it, in this world he would often tell anyone, that would listen to him.

He had a wife and many children. I don't think he remembered just how many children he had, as one time you see him, it was 9 another time 11. So we just said he had "Many children".

Tommy had arms taken off by accidents, and re-attached and they worked. His leg nearly off from a farming accident, also re-attached and he still had his own leg. With that he pull up his old worn bib overalls, so one could see where that took place at, he slap it and say "See it's real skin there".

From the many accidents he had, as a young boy growing up to his older adult life, Tommy knew that the Lord was real, he knew that if you believed in the Lord first, put him first in your life. Believed in yourself, that all things were indeed possible. He had many scars to prove it on his older, wrinkled body. Which he stated even at his age of 83, he could out do most young men in work these days.

In his life time he never went to many doctors, fixed himself up on his own. When he be very sick, and others thought "He won't make it this time" he pulled through. With the power of prayer and believing.

Tommy went to Church every Sunday, prayer meeting in the week days, healing service on Wednesdays. When the Church needed decorating he be the first one to be seen. If anyone needed Tommy he was there. He often fixed cars, trucks, plows and farm equipment and never charge you a dime. The Lord will provide he said many of times.

One day while Tommy was up on a ladder at his farm, he fell off the roof, flat on his front side. He was knocked out. And when found, he was barely alive. He spent quite a bit of time in the hospital. But with Prayers he made a come back.

His legs didn't come back as well, as he thought they should. He had no feeling in his legs and would often fall down. But he seldom got hurt falling down at his age, as if he were a rubber ball, that bounced back up.

Finally at "Healing Service" he asked to be touched with the oil onto his legs. He was touched with the oil, and we touched and prayed over him. On Sunday he came to Church no limping, and stood up to "Praise the Lord" he had feeling back into his legs. "That is what prayer does, it heals better then any kind of medicine you can get". He smiled and sat down.

Tommy lived quite a few more years after that happen. When he finally went to meet his Lord, he had just barely passed the ripe old age of 103. When he was found home in bed, gone to rest. People say he had a smile on his face, looked content and was, at home at last.

Believe in the Lord, Believe the Lord is real, Believe in yourself and all things are possible. These were the last words, I recall Tommy saying to me, that last day of his life.

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gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-27)
We all could use a Tommy in our lives! What a great soul. Thank-you for sharing your story.
Nancy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-09-10)
Thank you for your story! It gives truth, life and hope through the power prayer! GOD is truly amazing and how lucky we are to be smart enough to believe in him! GOD BLESS
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-23)
[at] rhodes68, thanks for your comments to this story. I think with each experience I have went through, I would like to think has made me a stronger person then I use to be. This man loved the Lord first in his life and then his family. No matter what happen to him, he was cheerful and always thought of others before himself. Not to many people in this world like that anymore.
rhodes68 (10 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-22)
Thanks again for another wonderful story, Flutterofwings. I was amazed by the inner power and faith of this man who was rightfully blessed by God.

It makes one wonder to read about those who, despite the misfortunes they endure throughout a life time, they don't lose faith, they become more tolerant and content instead.

God bless his soul.

Tammy ❤

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