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A Prayer For Guidance


This is something I wrote back when I had a lot of pain within myself and at the time I felt so overwhelmed with self doubt and fear that I felt I had completely lost myself. I was to the point where I felt I I needed my cries to be heard so I sat down and let my soul pour out onto a piece of paper. I let all my pain come to the surface and as my tears fell my heart poured out and my words became clear in front of me, I had written to God, praying and hoping he would hear my cry. Once I read back over all I had written, I realized something that had never left me. Hope. I had given up on myself and allowed all this pain to suffocate and blind me from my true self. The self that had always known God's love to lift me up and always trusted in my faith to carry me through. The ironic and yet amazingly beautiful truth was that the Lord had never left me and it was my very own words that woke me up to this fact. The Lord works in beautiful mysterious ways, miracles not only all around us, but even within ourselves. I hope by sharing this I might touch someone else's life with this miracle. The Lord is always with you, even when negativity is all you are able to see and alone is all you are able to feel, he stands beside you reaching out with open arms waiting for you to but only listen, as he has been whispering words of wisdom to carry you through all along. Don't ever lose sight of the message within yourself. God blessed us all with the miracle of faith, all you have to do is open your heart and accept his eternal love and everlasting guidance.

Take My Hand And Show Me How (A Prayer of Hope)

I call on you, Lord, here and now

To take my hand and show me how

To walk along this path of life

With strength and courage to battle the strife.

To overcome every obstacle pulling me back

And to feel proud of myself as I once again walk the right path.

To have the confidence I lost long ago

And hold my head high as my spirit grows.

To feel your love as you guide me through

And never lose sight of the one and only path that leads me home, to you.

To look in the mirror and be happy with myself

As I choose the right choices and learn to put my family before anything else.

To take the time and appreciate all that I have

And leave the past behind me as I learn to be happy, smile, and laugh.

To gain control of my life as I move ahead

And focus on my family and goals as I surrender to you lord by letting my faith lead me this time instead.

I've hit bottom and I'm ready to let go of all this pain I hold inside.

So Lord, please, take me by the hand and let faith be my guide.


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