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The Power Of Prayer


For as long as I can remember I have always had some kind of abnormal ability to see and hear things others don't or choose to ignore. I have been through many trials and prayer has brought me through. Even though I wasn't a church going person I knew or should I know who the lord is.

On many occasions I have had whispering in my ear telling me that things were going to happen, I saw many deaths before they happened and I have been attacked many times by forces unseen by the naked eye. Many dreams I have recently had have lead me to last night when the most powerful force attacked.

I have prayed my way awake many times, having many of my dead relatives guide me through and even the faces of my three children lead me to pray my way out. So the night began with the same torture for my eleven year old daughter who seem to have the same experiences as I did when I was her age. She sees things, she's totally afraid to be alone.

I was going through the calming routine when she looked me in the face and told me that I should sleep with her because they were going to get me. Now the night before she slept in my bed and she couldn't stand it to the point where she had to sleep with the cover over her face. So after she said this I was brought back to the feeling that I had prior to her coming up stairs as if I wasn't alone.

I finally got myself to go to sleep when my eleven year old comes to the door of my room and ask me if I was just standing at her door. I told her no and she goes and gets back into her bed. I went back to sleep when this sudden force come over me once again I can't tell if I was sleep or not but faces of the ones I loved passed with a flash, then I felt myself trying to get up telling myself to move, I even tried yelling "In name of God you will not win tonight". All this only to feel the breath being forced out of me with each attempt.

I calmed myself down and began praying to myself in a low voice and calling on the Lord to save me once again. My vision was blurred and I felt that I needed to stay calm because what ever it was it was going to take my life this time. So I called on the Lord and recited every prayer I could remember and in my what seemed to be a dream I was able to get up from the bed and yell "In the name of God you will not win this day, you need to leave this house for we are children of god and he's protecting us".

After that I went to check on my girls and my eleven was sitting up looking at the door as if she knew I was coming, I prayed once again and laid her back down and went into my room and read the bible until I fell asleep with the bible open and the light on.

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